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why digital marketing is the new gateway for marketing industry in 2021

Updated on 21 October 2022
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 21 October 2022

As we are going to enter a new decade leaving this boring pandemic behind, all of us should have the eureka moment that we are entering altogether a different territory. The year 2021 will be the kickstart of a new game. Old strategies simply won’t work. So, like everything turned upside down and getting re-strategize, marketing cannot remain untouched. We bring to your certain key features of Digital Marketing Company which must be envisioned by every company in order to remain firm in the game, or simply to avoid being harmed by the unexpected.

Bill Gates once said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. We are locked into our homes for the safety of our community. Even in this pandemic it’s not like that everything has stopped, it’s just that we are avoiding physical contacts. Therefore, everything is pushed digitally. Now each company wants to reach more consumers, so they are trying to get their foothold into the digital world, as there’s no one to stare at the cliched, identical looking billboards. For having a far reaching and productive digital presence, it is imperative to know how Digital Marketing can transform one’s business.

Before we go around realizing the benefits and to look into the trends of Digital marketing in 2021, it would be helpful if we understand what Digital Marketing actually is.

Digital Marketing is a kind of advertising that is done through the digital channels, most preferably through the Internet. All the marketing which we see online at the Internet can be labelled as Digital Marketing. Companies basically try to influence customers in subtle and not so subtle ways to sell their products, services or assets through various channels. These channels are pervasive in the lives of the customers, they interact with these channels almost every day. Social media, search engines, mobile applications, email, websites, are such Digital Marketing channels.

Now we need some tools through which Digital Marketing can be done, these tools are called Digital Marketing Assets. By taking advantage of these tools, we can make our Digital Marketing Strategies more effective. These tools include

  1. Social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  2. Video content (Ads, Product highlight videos)
  3. Written content (Blogs, eBooks, Customer descriptions, testimonials, customer reviews)
  4. And other Online tools (or forms)

The great news is that there’s no dearth of D. M. tools as such, some creativity and out of box strategy is required to make use of the tool best suitable to one’s purpose. These tools are utilized accordingly under different processes a.k.a. Digital Marketing Strategies. Digital Marketing Strategy is a framework or the way Digital Marketing is done. There’s a procedure decided beforehand according to the target and platform, so as to generate maximum conversions. Some of the most popularly used strategies by business are-

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising - A.k.a PPC advertising, this is used to get clicks from individual users operating on different platforms. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads are a kind of PPC advertising.
  2. Paid Search Advertising - Some search engines are paid to show text ads in their search results pages. There’s a great potential in this marketing strategy.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Ranking pages or blog posts is also an option for digital marketing. However, it takes much time and effort to reach niches organically, yet rewarding, and most importantly, you don’t have to pay for it!
  4. Paid Social Media Advertising - Social media giants generate a huge turnover from advertising. They take money to post ads on their platform as “sponsored” content. This strategy is effective to reach a “target” audience, thanks to algorithms.
  5. These were some more frequented strategies, however not exhaustive as other effective strategies do exist, like, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. 

One can choose and adopt the best strategy according to the requirement. With so many options across the table, a business usually hires an agency or an in-house marketing team who set things in order with their relevant expertise.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing in 2021

Admit it, even the extroverts are preferring to stay confined to their homes. Yet the businesses must go on even during pandemics or for that purpose, even on doomsday. Puns apart, traditional marketing efforts are undoubtedly obsolete and absolutely out of question now due to the swift digital migration. Those companies which are restructuring their marketing models and marketing budgets, those which are speeding up their digital transformation will stay ahead in the competition. 

Google, Twitter, JPMorgan are promoting and forming their remote working policies, while Unilever, one of oldest and most successful companies is in a process of complete transformation into a digitally focused company. With top players embracing the digital, it becomes imperative to push the brand advertising into the digital sphere.

Keeping this in mind, there are certain clear benefits one can reap out of the push into the digital landscape, such as-

Number 1- Higher Conversion Rates

The percentage of visitors who actually take the desired action after the prompter is termed as conversion rate. Digital Marketing undoubtedly yields more conversion rates than traditional marketing. As an example, according to some studies, 60% and more users potentially click on Google Ads for shopping, while they are surfing the Internet. So, through the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), businesses can reach out to a higher number of visitors. So, the Digital Marketing through CRO is a great avenue to spread outreach in 2021 to the ever-expanding visitor base.

Number 2 - Higher Revenues, Low Costs

Let’s make it clear, with everyone concerned with keeping their social distances, there’s no better way to push the advertisements through digital channels, instead of boring road signs or billboards. People are increasingly preferring to stay at home- with work, parties, funerals (yes!) coming virtually.

And we must take into notice that all great things do not always come at great prices. So, Digital Marketing can be performed at minimal costs. This is especially helpful to the SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) which run on tight budgets yet simultaneously expect higher profits. Targeting and aiming at potential customers can eliminate possibilities of the wastage of time and efforts, and money! 2021 should not be the time of experimentation, rather of yielding sure shot results.

Number 3 - Real Time Customer Service

Beyond a doubt customer satisfaction is the key point on which a great market presence is established. If a brand attains to its customers in real time, it proves to be an absolute game changer as easy and quick communication brings trust and credibility.

Brands must realize that this can’t be done the old, traditional way and there’s a greater need to address & troubleshoot customer queries and issues. In 2021, more people would be seeking services, and would be interacting digitally. Thus, there’s a greater need to work towards a better customer services framework. 

Number 4 - Need for a Measurable form of Marketing

Imagine investing lakhs in running your brand advertisement via the print media, and still not knowing who and how many of the viewers saw your advertisement, let alone convert. Seems dreadful, right?! This often happened with the traditional marketing methods. 

But not anymore. With the help of Social media marketing of your brand, you can publish a series of social media posts (or Ads) over a period, and with the help of analytics, you can see which posts get more popularity with your target audience.

In 2021, almost half of the world’s population will be on the Internet, so it’s more fruitful to target the Ads to potential customers, instead of the general audience. Digital campaigns can give crucial insights about the customer behaviours, there are less chances of failure (other than initial campaigns), as the brands eventually identify customer needs.

Number 5 - Target Ads and Ideal Buyers

As we also urged earlier, 2021 is no time for experimentation, rather a time for fostering results. Brands are getting foothold in the market seemingly at a lightning speed. There’s a greater need for customer-centric strategies. Knowing the customer needs and knowing where their presence lies will certainly increase your brand’s chances of success.

Only through Digital Marketing, one can ensure this success is achieved by targeting Ads to potential customers rather than shooting in the dark, in a random manner. Brands can ensure for sure that the right customers are viewing their content. SEO can help reach the intended customers. Pay-per-Click, social media advertising help target Ads according to the demographic information and the general characteristics of customer behavior. It can give a sense of peace to brands in knowing that their Ads are reaching their intended customers.

Trend Of Digital Marketing in 2021

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