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UP TET 2021 Preparation: Best Tips & Strategies, Syllabus & Study Materials

Updated on 16 October 2021
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Updated on 16 October 2021

The online application dates for the UP TET 2021 examination have already been released on their official website. Candidates who wish to appear for this exam should fill up their form as soon as possible. Following this, the UP TET examination dates are also out. Hence, candidates should start preparing for their exams with full force. It is necessary to gear up the exam preparation as candidates have already lost their precious time during the pandemic. The exams that were supposed to be conducted earlier were postponed and extended until further notice amidst the pandemic. 

Many candidates wonder how to prepare for their upcoming UP TET exams. They can look further to know the best preparation tips, strategies, and fun learning ways to excel in their exam. 

How to Prepare for the UP TET exam amidst the Lockdown? 

Make a Timetable 

First and foremost, candidates must set a timetable for themselves. Making a reliable timetable at the beginning of preparation is very necessary as it will help candidates focus and get a clear direction for their preparation process. Moreover, it is crucial to stay organized and complete the entire UP TET syllabus on time. Candidates need to make a reliable timetable that suits their learning style, pace, and ability. The timetable helps candidates achieve their learning goals without any stress or dedicate numerous hours to studying.  

Get Well-Versed with the UP TET Syllabus 

Candidates must be well versed with their entire syllabus to prepare efficiently for their exams. A proper understanding of the UP TET syllabus is necessary as it will help candidates figure out and study the important topics for the exam. 

Note that the syllabus for UP TET Paper 1 and Paper 2 are different. Candidates who wish to teach classes 1 to 5 must appear for Paper 1 whereas, candidates who wish to teach classes 6 to 8 must appear for Paper 2. 

The UP TET 2021 syllabus for Paper 1 contains: 

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy
  2. Language-I (Hindi)
  3. Language-II (English/Urdu/Sanskrit)
  4. Mathematics
  5. Environmental Studies

The UP TET 2021 syllabus for Paper 2 contains

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy
  2. Language-I (compulsory) (Hindi)
  3. Language-II (compulsory) (English/Urdu/Sanskrit)
  4. (i) Mathematics and Science (for Mathematics and Science teacher)
  5. OR
  6. (ii) Social Studies (for Social Science and Social Studies teacher)
  7. OR
  8. (i) or (ii) (for teacher of any other subject)

Solve Mock Tests 

The best way to prepare for the UP TET exam from the comfort of the home is to solve mock tests. These tests are designed similar to the UP TET examination. Hence, this helps candidates understand the overall paper format i.e. exam pattern and syllabus. They can know the type of questions to be expected in the exam and prepare better. Also, mock tests help to dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in particular areas. It gives them an edge in their entire preparation process as they can improve their areas of weaknesses. 

Lay Emphasis on the important Topics 

It is of utmost essential to emphasize the important topics for the UP TET preparation. It is because the UP TET exam syllabus is quite vast and intense. Hence, candidates should pay special attention to the crucial topics from each section. 

Subject-wise Important Topics for UP TET 

Child Development & Teaching Methodology

  1. Child Development Concept 
  2. Learning & Pedagogy
  3. Understanding Children with Special Needs 

Language-1 Hindi 

  1. Language Comprehension
  2. Pedagogy of Language Development 
  3. Fill in the Blanks 
  4. Antonyms & Synonyms 
  5. Spotting Error

Language-2 English 

  1. Pedagogy of Language Development 
  2. Comprehension
  3. Language Skills
  4. Active & Passive


  1. Number System 
  2. Shapes & geometry 
  3. Data Handling 
  4. Measurements and Units 
  5. Unitary Rule 
  6. Percentage 

Environmental Science 

  1. Food and Nutrition 
  2. Family and Nutrition 
  3. Shelters 
  4. Water/Travel 

Social Studies

  1. History 
  2. Geography
  3. Social and Political Life 
  4. Economics and Static GK
  5. UP Related Questions 


  1. People and Ideas 
  2. Natural Phenomenon and Resources
  3. The world of the Living 
  4. Pedagogy of Science 

Choose Reliable Reference Books 

Candidates must choose reliable reference books for their UP TET exam preparation. Books are the main pillars of support to complete the entire syllabus without any difficulties. Hence, candidates must always select the books that go well with their exam preparation. 

Best Reference Books for UP TET

Book Name


Child Development and Pedagogy

Kiran Publication

Quantitative Aptitude

Rs Aggarwal

Environmental Studies

Wiley Publication

English Language

Geeta Sahni

Social Studies

Disha Publication

Hindi Bhasha

Diamond Power learning


FUN Ways to Prepare for the UP TET Exam

Indulge in Online Quizzes 

Candidates can find many quizzes online which they can make use of in their daily learning. Quizzes are an engaging and fun way to indulge in the studies and participate in the learning process. Candidates can find many quizzes online related to their UP TET subjects. 

Take help of Flashcards 

Flashcards help process chunks of information in a simple yet effective way. Candidates can make small flashcards and write down the important points or concepts that they need to remember in a particular subject. This way they can process a lot of information using this engaging learning aid. 

Become a part of Online Learning groups or Discussion Forums 

To make learning more interactive, candidates can either join online learning groups or forums. They can discuss their doubts or simply provide solutions to other candidates preparing for the same exam. This way they can make the entire learning more collaborative and interactive. 

To conclude, candidates can prepare for their upcoming UP TET exam from their homes themselves. The above-mentioned tips will help candidates prepare for their exams efficiently. Along with this, candidates can also lookout for the latest updates and other information related to their UP TET exam. This will help them stay in tune with their exam schedule and prepare for the exams without any hassle. 

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