Emerging trend of ditching engineering seats starts from Odisha

Out of the nearly 34,000 seats in private engineering colleges across the state, only about 8,000 have been filled up so far, leaving around 26,000 seats vacant.

Odisha has 38,000 engineering seats in total, out of which 4,086 are in eight government engineering institutes. With nearly all the seats in government colleges taken, it is the 34,000 seats in 86 private colleges that seem to exceed demand.

Emerging trend of ditching engineering seats

“Students who secured ranks in JEE Main examination are among the ones to have enrolled themselves for admission.

Around 73,000 students cleared Plus II science this year. They are eligible for admissions in engineering colleges besides courses such as basic sciences, medical and pharmacy. Given better job prospects in medical, pharmacy and various integrated courses, only a few thousand students have opted for engineering. Those interested in engineering aim to get into the IITs, NITs and government institutions followed by deemed universities, leaving still fewer students for private colleges.

students do not land jobs soon after completing their studies. This may have had created a negative impact on the minds of parents, thereby leading them to dissuade their wards from studying engineering.

The companies want students who are industry ready. To make our students industry-ready, we need to redesign the courses and provide them with good laboratories. We have asked the state government to create some centres of excellence in different places to provide good laboratory experiences.”

Engineering colleges should give importance to talented human resources. “To make the students employable, colleges need to hire talented teachers and pay them well,”.

Sluggish job market responsible for poor response to engineering courses in the state.

In 2017, more than 25,000 of the 44,000 seats remained vacant

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