JEE Main/NEET exam in December 2018 – A hoax!

Few days back many newspapers printed a story stating that NTA will conduct NEET & JEE Main exam December 2018 which created ripples in the test prep industry.

Running concurrently was news of conducting both exams as computer based exams (CBT).

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It’s true that Govt. of India has allocated funds in Budget of 2017-18. It’s also true Mr. Vineet Joshi has been appointed as director general but no where apart from the thoughts of HRD ministry NTA exists.

There is no official notification or web site in existence regarding NTA.

Even if today Govt. decides to conduct the December Exams it’s not possible because

1. Size of the examinees for both exams. NEET alone attracts around 11 Lakhs students and JEE Main 13 Lakhs in thousands of centres around India and many more out Indian borders.

2. The infrastructure for conducting Computer based exam is not ready and any haphazard push done to just please the bosses will mark the whole process with controversy to which NEET has been associated before.

3. Private participation shall be required for conducting these large scales exams, enlisting them shall be also a huge process vendor registration, tender notice, technical bidding, financial bidding which itself is tedious task all together.

4. India doesn’t have dual entry system in place for higher education wherein many other countries they have 2 entry sessions called Fall and Spring admissions.

What will a student do, who has given and cleared exam in December except for waiting for session to start in July/August.

Will it be fair for student who has just given his/her boards and toiled hard to clear the April JEE Main exam and May NEET exam to find seat might be taken by students who has given his/her exam in December.

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