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“Necessity is the mother of invention ”

Published on 10 June 2020
Kashi Jha
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Published on 10 June 2020

Without need, the invention would not be possible and without invention , life would

not be so easy and comfortable as it is in the current time. From the very earlier time,

human beings have done unlimited inventions in different forms such that the creation of

fire or the achievement of walking to the moon. The need for something that doesn’t

exist in the world, encourages people to find the way. Actually invention is the word that

describes as the solution for getting things which doesn’t exists.

Well! Talking about Man; a creature with the beautiful and innovative mind. Man is

never satisfied with what he has. He always desire to have more. This doesn’t show his

greedy nature but a curiousity to go higher and achieve better things. Man feels the need

for certain things but he doesn’t avail any needful thing because the absence of

particular item became the obstruction. This gives him a new pathway to invent new

things and discover more fabulous things.

In ancient time, man used to live in caves and hunt animals for survival. Gradually, they

realized that life was getting too uncomfortable in the lowest temperatures. This

overwhelming need for survival led man to invent fire. It had given much more relief to

them in the way they could stay warm and comfortable. They understood the value of

cooked food.

As the time going on, the man felt that the need to have something that would reduce

their labour and make their lives easier. The man realised that the wheel made

transportation easy. Slowly, they began building tools and instruments that help them to

do jobs.

Then, the man felt the need to live together as a civilization. They found it easier to live

in cities which had more facilities. To protect from violent attacks, man built

civilizarion. These sets an excellent example for the need for inventions.

Today is the modern technology generation in which everything has its own benefits and

loses. Man felt that it was challenging to communicate with people over long distances.

So, he invented telephones. There is no doubt to say that every invention happened out

of need. And man is still working on many advanced technologies to make future

brighter and powerful. So, it is mandatory to do these greatful inventions in very sincere


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