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How can you start online education business in India?

Updated on 11 June 2020
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Updated on 11 June 2020

In India online education business has started to boom lately, bringing online courses and live classes in trend. Online education business has become a dream for many entrepreneurs to venture in. Instructors, teachers and trainers, all are shifting their focus to online teaching, opening it as a profitable side job channel to earn good income. 

So now if you are beginning to think “how to start online coaching in India” then here’s your answer. Read on to know some significant steps which you need to take care of before starting this business-

Create an idea for course and validate it

To start any sort of business the first rule is to evaluate its demand in the market. The same goes for courses as well! You need to evaluate the significance of your course idea in the educational market before putting your time and efforts in creating one. 

You need to go through an intensive research method without getting entangled in an idea lock. If you have an idea just take it to the next level without being influenced with what others think and ending up being confused. 

If your market research proves that your course idea will rock then just start building the content around it. 

Ways to create and deliver content 

This step involves creating an overview of how to create the content and deliver it through various channels. Your online course content type is a significant point to decide the delivery model. If your content is directed towards a specified audience for instance, live classes for a single subject or category then its delivery channel should be focused to that particular group. If the content of the course is open then you need a diverse channel to reach out to more audience. 

Recording live lectures and video content 

Recorded videos are a big part of online marketing of your courses/classes. These days’ online videos are playing big role in attracting potential audience and giving them an insight to what you are offering them. You can use the idea of videos for promotion in different ways such as you can add a short preview shot separately for the purpose of marketing or you can also put a free video of your beginning lesson. Before creating a video content you need to take care of few things such as-

  1. Script development 
  2. Equipment to use
  3. Lighting equipment 
  4. Audio system 
  5. Postproduction review
  6. Finally publishing it online

Flow of content 

Before putting your online content out there for others to see you must see it first! Once you have compiled everything to the best of efforts, take a walkthrough and ascertain if this is what you wish to show to others and will they like it? You need to be the first viewer and also the very first critic of your own online course. 

Medium to sell and host your course

There are two mediums to sell online courses in India, first is to setup your very own brand website and second option is to put your course on a marketplace. Study24x7 is the best marketplace that lets you sell your course amidst large pool of students with your own brand name. 

Pricing and Revenue model

Setting a price for your course can be confusing. To sort this out you need to see what the industry leaders are doing. You need to compare the prices and consider the target audience (their paying capacity). Also, you can make your pricing model effective by including free subscriptions and discount offers. 

Upscale your products

You can create exclusive packages which can include courses, live classes, quizzes etc. Creating and selling packages can be more profitable and preferable by the people. 

Marketing and promotion

This step is all about strategy. You can either do this by yourself or also get a trained digital marketing person to assist you with this. Well whoever chooses to do it, just remember that promotion involves following steps- 

  1. Advertising
  2. Personal selling
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Public relations
  5. Direct marketing

Being a part of online education business requires a lot of efforts and stamina to go through extensive research phases but all together it is a profitable business. 

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