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Impact of technology on journalism

Updated on 26 June 2022
The world of media and journal
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Updated on 26 June 2022

Journalism has always been shaped by technology. Technological advances have been inextricably linked to the ability to disseminate information. We have seen a massive paradigm shift from the times of the emergence of the written word to the progression towards many other advanced forms of journalism like digital and new media. Then came the broadcast mediums like radio and television and then the internet which have each changed the way information is consumed. Technological changes influence the way of working of journalists, the nature of news content, structure of the newsroom and news industry, relationship between news organisations and the public.

Journalists do their work in different ways. They may write on-scene reports or use the telephone and internet to do interviews. They may also use the internet to research information on some unknown fact or phenomenon, event, happening or any unknown news piece about which they want to know more. Technological changes affect the editorial and production process of journalism. News content is also affected by tech changes.

The introduction of digital technology has affected the nature of story-telling and the online presentation of news giving viewers a more interesting feel with the presence of pictorial representations too. Technology affects the structure and organization of the newsroom, the editorial and business functions and also the hierarchical character of the newsroom. For e.g, if we start from the past, we see that Gutenberg’s printing press laid the foundation for mass literacy and invention of newspapers. Also, Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone changed how journalists gather and report news.

Today all the public records and corporate information is published in online form and journalists now use online tools effectively to gather information, check facts and find resources. The dawn of the internet made dissemination of news faster with users able to access information instantly. It has a lot of sources like television, social media, radio and newspapers. It changes the speed at which news is reported. Before you had to wait for the newspapers or the news program but now with the internet news is delivered instantly.

The internet has enabled journalists to reach out to their audience 24 hours a day. This accessibility also enables the audiences to give their feedback or contribute to media content any time in a day thus allowing free flow of information.

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