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How to prepare for Government Jobs | Quick Guide for Railway Exams

Updated on 15 October 2020
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Updated on 15 October 2020

Government exams are one of the most sought-after exams in India as a lot many people seek government jobs. We all know exams bring a fair amount of anxiety and stress. If you are planning to take the government exam, the preparation phase is very important.

Most examinations have been canceled or postponed due to an unexpected global outbreak of Coronavirus. Therefore, the period from May to June is important for students and candidates who need success. If you are wondering how to prepare for Railway examinations, then here we have provided a quick guide for railway exams that can help you prepare and stay confident when in the hall.

Preparation Strategy for Government Exam- Railway

1.  Know the pattern

Before planning your preps and appearing in the exam, it is important that you know what kind of paper you will have. This way, your preparation will be more specific to the purpose. If your question paper will consist of multiple choice questions, the preparation method will certainly be different from the one you will have to answer the essay type questions. So first, you should know what your question paper pattern is.

2.  Different topics

After selecting the exam, continue to classify topics based on the difficulty level. Do a self-research and figure out your strong and weak topics separately. Choose strong topics first, as it takes less time. Brush-up the formulas and basic estimates of all the topics at the bottom of this list.

3.  Focus on Quality

Try to cover all topics, but don't miss out on quality reading to learn new and challenging things. Now, continue to solve last year's questions from your strong topics. It will help you understand your level of preparation. After all, it will build confidence and enthusiasm to be more prepared.

4.  Collect study materials

Before you start studying, you need to make sure you have all the books and articles you need. It can be very frustrating to search for articles once you start studying. When you have the organized resources, your preparation will be smooth and do not forget to keep notes of important topics.

5.  Focus more on weak topics

During this time, you will have to go to a list of weak topics. Choose a few topics based on the complexity and the type of preparation you need. Brush-up the basics first, and then move on to deeper ideas. Practice good questions to improve speed and accuracy.

6.  Accuracy:

You need accuracy in the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning section. You will need to be correct in English and GK questions as well and remember that while you have to be accurate in numbers, you need to be correct in words in the English test.

7.  Mark chapters that have been done

Be sure to mark the chapter with a pen once you finish it and this will give you a certain amount of confidence and relief. With each chapter you complete, the marking will take some of the pressure off and you can study the next chapter in peace.

8.  Take breaks while studying

Most people stay up all night and study without taking a break. However, it is highly recommended not to fall into the habit of continuous reading. If you are also one of them then you will start feeling tired with time and your focus will be reduced. To be able to be attentive, it is important to take small breaks regularly and the best way to prepare is to study for about 25 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes.

Common Railways examination hacks

1.  15 days before examination

  1. During all this time, you will only have to look at the mock test. Try to give as much mock exams as possible.
  2. Analyze your plans and identify your deficiencies.
  3. Then, spend the rest of the time improving your concept and optimizing your results.
  4. You will need to try on two to three mock test every day to maximize your output.

2.  Exam days’ hack

  1. In the exam room, stay confident and calm. Carefully remove the entire question paper.
  2. Try solving easy questions first and move on to the difficult ones.
  3. After this, proceed to difficult questions, and try to solve those questions first which you feel are more likely to be correct. Leave questions you are unsure about if there is any negative marking.
  4. Don't forget to keep your eyes on time, as time management is very important in competitive exams.

Books to consider for preparing for Government Railway Exams:

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
  2. Rakesh Yadav: SSC Mathematics and Objective
  3. RS Aggarwal: Quantitative aptitude by
  4.  Rajesh Verma’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
  5. NCERT books for Maths (Class 7th to Class 10th)

Reasoning Ability

  1. Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
  2.  Kiran’s SSC Reasoning chapters
  3. Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  4. Arihant: A New Approach to REASONING Verbal & Non-Verbal

English Language

  1. S P Bakshi (Arihant) : Objective General English
  2. Plinth to Paramount by Neetu
  3. Kiran’s SSC CGL Tier I & Tier II Exam Solved Papers – English
  4. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  5. Quick learning Objective General English by RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal

General Awareness

  1. Manorama Yearbook 2018 (English)
  2. Lucent's General Knowledge

Bottom Line

Follow the above steps carefully and remember, the key points to success in any government job preparation is to get started, be patient, and never give up. If you faithfully follow the preparation strategy for Government exam, you will be able to come up with flying colors.

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