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How to Crack Railway Competitive Exam Without Coaching?

Updated on 14 October 2020
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Updated on 14 October 2020

'Should I join a Government Exam Preparation Training Center or do I prepare at home without coaching, if so, then how to crack a Railway competitive exam?'

It is a common question among young students preparing for Railways Examination. Most students join the training classes to prepare for the competition examinations, but some of them are unable to do so due to their own reasons. This blog is about how to crack Railway competitive examinations without coaching.

Ways to crack Railway Exam without Coaching?

Training centers will provide you with shortcuts, tricks and methods of cracking any examination but it must be understood that nothing comes easy in this world. It is always about self-study and your confidence in these exams because no one can understand your strengths and weaknesses except you.

Here are 6 Ways to Prepare for a Competitive Exam:

1.  Understanding the syllabus

It's the first part of any exercise - to understand it all. Any competitive examination has a defined syllabus and previous year papers based on the exam model and level of difficulty. First, go through the notice of any exam and then go to last year's papers to find out what you are getting into.

2.  Make strategy

Prepare a strategy after understanding the pattern and it is necessary to prepare notes. Also make notes and pay more attention to the topics which your lacking. There is no need to pay much attention to those topics you are strong at but this does not mean that you leave it at all. If you give equal time according to the subjects, then all will be covered and the preparation will also be completed well.

3.  Read daily newspapers

There is a section called GK that contains marks and it cannot be ignored. This section tests your memory and will consist of 4 types of questions: Current Affairs, Static GK, Banking, Finance. You should have been familiar with the news in the last 6 months and pay close attention to Banking and financial matters.

4.  Examine yourself

Regular self-evaluation is essential for proper examinations. There are many online portals where you can get free sample papers and question papers from last year. You will need to solve these papers while preparing for any competitive examination. A few points to consider when writing sample papers include:

  1. Imagine being in a test hall and trying to solve a sample paper without taking a break in the middle. For example, if you are going to try a three-hour test, you have to solve the sample test within three hours.
  2. After you solve the whole test, review your answer sheet, and don't forget to revise the topics which you scored low.
  3. Avoid guessing because most competitive exams have negative marks on the wrong answers.

5.  Time Management

Your time management plays the most important role for exam preparation. Prepare all subjects by dividing equal time, and don’t forget to take a break in between while studying. Keep getting up in the middle and keep refreshing yourself, but try to get up only after solving a paper. Do not solve the second paper immediately. Start work after a little rest.

6.  Learn Shortcut and Practice Everyday

You only get 60 Minutes to solve 100 Questions. It is less than a minute for each question and of course, you will need to build speed and accuracy. Taking Mock Tests and Quizzes will help you build speed but this will not be enough. Learn shortcuts to perform simple calculations, memorize some Vedic Maths, and practice them daily. Make sure you can reduce your average time to 40 seconds which will help you to compete the paper properly.

Bottom line:

The Competitive Exam is all about strategy and proper implementation and nothing more. This may be better if you prepare yourself. In self-learning, you will understand yourself better and learn more effectively. Also, you will be able to follow useful tips on how to go with the Railway competitive exam preparation which will make your strategy all the more effective.

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