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Expected Reasoning Questions for Railway Group D Examination

Updated on 11 September 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 11 September 2020

Are you looking for the Railway Group D 2020 exam? The Railways Board will soon announce the date for the RRB group D exam and the examination is currently expected to take place this year in 2020. It will not be easy and you should be 100% sure of what to expect, before you go for exams.

In order to master the Reasoning section, one must practice the questions thoroughly and correctly. In this article, we have given a sample paper of expected reasoning questions for RRB Group D examination which will be a total of 30 marks.

Why Solve these Railway Group D Expected Reasoning Questions?

The questions in this article are called “expected reasoning questions for RRB exam” because

  1. The experts did a thorough analysis of the RRB ALP Question Paper, which has the similar reasoning pattern as Railway Group D exam.
  2. Read closely the expected cut off and level of difficulty of the RRB ALP exam and compare it with the previous year cut offs and difficulty.
  3. Analysis of previous RRB question papers (RRB NTPC, etc.)
  4. The experts have cross checked that the questions that have been asked in the RRB ALP examinations actually matched the types of questions they have predicted in the expected ALP Question Paper.

RRB/RRC Group D 2020 Expected Reasoning Mock Questions

Q1. Z is shorter than Y but longer than X. W is shorter than Z but shorter than X and V shorter Y but is longer than Z. Someone is too short?

a)   Z

b)   X

c)   (CV

d)   W

Q2. In the specific language of the codes, the hit of tom 'is labeled as' tie the shoes', 'of this fod' are labeled as' leather shoes' and 'lo tin lot' are labeled as 'skin and raxin'. How '' 'is written in this code the language?

a)   fod

b)   by

c)   this or the pod

d)   can


a)   EHK

b)   FGH

c)   EGH

d)   EFG

Q4. Choose the best option from the ones provided that will complete the series. 13, 25, 49, 85,?

a)   331

b)   132

c)   133

d)   381

Q5. Rahul moves 5 km to the south and then takes a left turn to move 5 km further. Again, he takes the left turn 10 km and finally, 5 km west. Which way now from his original position?

a)   In the west

b)   East

c)   The south

d)   the North

Some Tips for preparing for the RRB Team Exam

The components that come out of these questions in examinations are Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science, General Awareness, and Current Affairs.

  1. Stick to syllabus: Review the syllabus carefully before starting with preparation. Make sure that all topics and chapters are checked thoroughly.
  2. Understand concepts: To try any examination, it is important to understand the concepts behind a specific problem. Instead of keeping an understanding of words, try to understand the logic behind a certain topic, and solve questions based on the information you have acquired.
  3. Practice mock tests: Before appearing in the exams, it is the responsibility of all students to perform the mock tests.
  4. Read the newspapers and keep up-to-date with the latest news: Read popular newspapers and follow the latest trends to know about what's going on in the world.
  5.  Learn the formula by heart: To score well in the mathematics section, make sure you have read the heart forms after understanding the vocabulary.

Now, since you've solved the expected reasoning questions of the Railway Group D exam, the next step is to start practicing. As we all know, practice is the key to success. Therefore, encourage your preparations by starting with practice now.

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