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How to Clear a Teaching Exam Without Coaching?

Updated on 05 October 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 05 October 2020

There are tons of students who appear for the UGC NET exam each year. While some prepare with the help of coaching, the others prepare by their own. Government exams are very popular and have many rumors, and one of them is that it is almost impossible to clear these exams without coaching. Are you planning to prepare for a competitive examination? Are you confused about whether to join the coaching or not? We've got your back! All the aspirants who plan to appear for this exam must go through this article. We have covered how to clear a teaching exam without the hep of coaching.

How to clear a teaching exam like UGC/NET without Coaching?

Coaching is a good idea, but you can crack any Government exam without coaching as well. The basic benefits of preparation without coaching are:

  1. You can stay at home comfortably.
  2. No worries about food or accommodation.
  3. No money dispute.
  4. You have your family as your support system.

Let's dive in further to know how to get started with your teaching exam preparation.

1.  Exam Pattern

The first step in preparing for UGC NET is to know about the complete details of the exam pattern and syllabus.

  1. University Grants Commission (UGC) and National Eligibility Test (NET) is an exam in India to start your career as a lecturer / professors / and other academic institutions.
  2. TET is also one of the popular exam that witnesses lakhs of aspirants each year. So candidates should look into the detailed TET exam preparation. As above, you should also get a thorough knowledge about the TET exam syllabus & exam pattern.
  3. Instead of the UGC, the CBSE used to conduct the NET examination until JUNE, 2018.
  4. NET is conducted twice a year i.e. in June and December.
  5. UGC also supports the JUNIOR Research Fellowship under the same umbrella for students who cleared NET.
  6. NET examination is designed to evaluate the knowledge of the individual for any specific position, based on the rank.
  7. This is an examination that will test your knowledge not only in a particular subject but also in your language, writing skills, speed, and others.

2.  Stay on top of digital learning

In this digital era, most topics or information are available on the Internet easily from where you can study it. There are many YouTube as well as blogging channels that provide education like coaching without fees. In such a situation, you can take their help to excel in your preparation.

3.  Take the help of competitive exam books

Well, you should read every topic completely, but through competitive exam books you will get to know about the type of questions, exam patterns, etc. This will not only help you to practice, but you will get information about the entire ins and outs of the paper as well and you will not face any problem while solving the paper.

4.  Study Material

For the preparation of any exam, it is very important to have the related subject's study material. If you do not have the right study material, then you can never get success in competitive examinations. In the study room, keep all the books and other study material related to the exam nearby.

5.  Make notes

When you prepare for the exam, then make notes of it, so that you will remember things well and it will be easy to revise during examination. While making notes, write the topics point wise, otherwise you may face problem in understanding the concepts.

How is your self-study different from coaching?

Coaching classes help students to study for a specific period of time and all other resources, such as reading / practice materials and tips are available online. So, to overcome this, you need to make sure that you use your valuable time for your studies and follow strict deadlines while studying.

  1. Assign some hours of the day for Paper-I and Paper-II preparation and make sure you study seriously during that time.
  2. Revise what you read during the day and practice the questions that are based on it.
  3. Set small and achievable targets. Doing this type of work will keep you motivated throughout your preparation.

Use some basic technique like OK-4R:

  1. Give Overview when you start.
  2. Note Key points that you think are important.
  3. Read the topic carefully.
  4. Remember it once, twice or three times.
  5. Review again at the article that will help you to understand it better.
  6. Rejuvenate yourself before starting a new topic.


Don't worry too much about the result and focus more on the journey and remember, without self-discipline, self-study is impossible. So, learn how to dedicate yourself properly to clear the teaching exam (UGC/NET) without coaching. We hope that this article has helped you to understand that how to clear teaching exam without coaching. Good luck to all the aspirants!

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