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Benefits of Clearing a GATE Exam

Published on 22 June 2020
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Published on 22 June 2020

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam that is conducted jointly by seven IITs and IISc primarily for students who want to pursue their higher education (PG programs). This is an online-based exam that is held every year on behalf of the National Coordination Board. GATE exams were first started in 1984 with the aim to provide the students with a better understanding of their undergraduate subjects. Since then GATE attracts lakhs of aspirants each year. Clearing a GATE exam is beneficial to students as it opens a lot more opportunities. 

The primary benefit is for those who wish to seek higher education i.e. M.E, M.Tech or Ph.D. Having a valid GATE score can help these aspirants to get admission into reputed universities or into IITs, IISc or NIT. Also, depending on the All India Rank, many private, as well as government institutes, offer admissions to the candidates. Entering into a reputed university can help an individual in terms of both, better learning and opportunity for a good job with attractive salary packages. Students who are studying M.E and M.Tech are eligible for a stipend of Rs 12,400 for 2 years. The motive is to offer some financial assurance so that students can complete their program. 

The second benefit is that any individual who wishes to pursue their higher studies abroad can opt for GATE. It is an entry point to learning in some of the top universities and also the aspirants are eligible for scholarships. The Nanyang Technical University in Singapore, The National University of Singapore, Technical University of Munich in Germany and RWTH Aachen University in Germany are the universities that offer admission to candidates through GATE. 

The third benefit is the entry into Fellowship Programs in IIMs (Indian Institute of Management). The stipend into this Program ranges from 30,000-40,000 per month. The students can specialize in various fields like Economics, Finance & Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, etc. 

The fourth benefit is that the candidates are eligible for PSU (Public Sector Undertakings) jobs. PSU attracts high financial stability as they are Government-owned companies. The State and Central Government have more than 51% share in this where the profits are shared with the government. Some of these companies include BHEL, ONGC, NTCP, BPCL, GAIL, etc. There are many jobs available in these private companies where the candidates are primarily evaluated based on their GATE scores. 

The fifth benefit is that the candidates can get into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center. It is one of the top Research Center in India that provides opportunities to talented candidates in the Nuclear Science and Technology field. After clearing with a good GATE score, candidates are shortlisted for the further interview process. If they clear the interview round, they are trained under experienced experts and are provided a job as a Scientific Officer C by either Atomic Energy Regulatory Board or DAE units. 

The sixth benefit is that the candidates can get a teaching job in top universities. Today the demand for a teaching job has increased with flexible job hours, high income, etc. It is mandatory to have an M.E or M.Tech degree to get into good Indian universities for teaching. Hence, clearing a GATE exam with good scores can help candidates achieve their love for teaching.  

The seventh benefit is the chance of getting a junior fellowship into CISR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research). Each year they offer many opportunities for candidates to acquire the position of junior fellowship. They are the largest Organization for Research & Development in India. The candidate gets to work on live projects and is also eligible for a stipend. It is important to clear the GATE exam with valid and good scores to get into CISR. 

Finally, a candidate can get immense opportunities for working in MNCs such as CISCO, Maruti, L&T, Samsung, Tata, etc. These companies expect candidates to have good GATE scores along with the highest qualification like a Master’s degree from IITs and NITs. Apart from this, candidates can also apply in foreign countries for a job after the completion of their Master’s degree. Qualifying the Master’s through IITs and NITs along with a good GATE score can help them to acquire a great job in foreign countries.

Hence, it is important to clear the GATE exam with the best scores in order to gain advantages of such opportunities. 

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