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Common Mistakes People make while Preparing for GATE Exams

Updated on 23 June 2020
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Updated on 23 June 2020

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an entry point for individuals wanting to get admissions in IITs and NITs for their PG programs in India or abroad. Gate is also the only beneficial option for individuals who wish to pursue PSU jobs in top PSU companies or get into fellowship programs at IIMS. Each year around 8-9 lakhs candidates appear for this exam and yet only some are able to clear it. Apart from focusing only on the syllabus, there are certain other things that need to be taken into consideration while giving this exam. 

Let’s understand the same below:

Lack of Research

Preparing for Gate requires a lot of research about the syllabus and the exam pattern as a whole. Most of the candidates start to prepare without gaining the actual scenario of the exam, its purpose, the topics, the exam pattern, trends, etc. It is important to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject and then study according to it. Important and common questions that are likely to appear in the exam should be tracked by the individual by going through the previous year’s question papers.

Improper Study Plan

Many individuals fail to strategize and make a good study plan while preparing for the exam. Enough amount of time should be given to each subject on a daily basis. A good study plan helps you to track your success and ensures that you are completing your tasks regularly. Thereby, it will help you to get closer towards your goal. 

Improper Study Materials

There are many online as well as offline study materials available for Gate exams though many individuals fail to understand the credibility of those materials. This in turn can have a huge impact as the candidate will end up gaining the wrong information. Before starting to gain in-depth knowledge, verifying the sources is very important. If studying offline via books, verify the same from a faculty or related subject expert. On the other hand, if studying through any online medium like videos, mock tests, previous year papers, etc don’t forget to check the relevancy of the publication. 


Demotivation can come in many forms. An individual who is confused about their future or doesn’t know what to do next in their career is one of the reasons for lacking interest and getting demotivated. Looking at other person’s early success can also cause demotivation among individuals. One thing which you need to know is that everyone has their pace of learning and each individual is an expert in a different field. Hence, you should try to look for some guidance and start preparation with a more improvised strategy. 

Insufficient Self-analyzation 

 While preparing for the exam, many people fail to self-analyze themselves. Taking an appropriate amount of practice tests online or offline is crucial for the exam. After practicing, keep a habit of going through your results and checking for where you are actually lacking. Try to improvise for the further tests which you take. Determine your strength and weakness in each subject and give proper time to work and evaluate yourself. 

Poor/No Revision

People fail to revise for the exam and rather they just focus on the preparation. Revising at the last minute can cause a blunder taking into consideration the level of this exam. Revisions should be done on a day to day basis and the amount of time given to revisions must be increased with the approaching exam date. 

Last Moment Hassle 

Generally, when there are few days left for the examination candidates are in a state of nervousness or anxiety. In this case, a properly planned schedule and last moment notes should be maintained by them to avoid the hassle. 

In addition to these mistakes, improper lifestyle, lack of discipline, lack of guidance and focusing only on a certain subject can also cause a person to fail. Apart from preparing just for the technical subject which the candidates have chosen, focus on general aptitude and Mathematics as well as they contribute 30% to the entire exam. And last but not the least, practice more and more as practice makes a man perfect. GATE can be easily cleared if you change these mistakes. Dedication, focus and hard work is the key for scoring good marks in the GATE exam. 

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