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Chartered Accountancy: Scope in Future, Job opportunities and salary

Updated on 26 October 2022
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Updated on 26 October 2022

Chartered accountancy is one of the prestigious career options in our country. More than one lakh students join Chartered Accountancy every year with 45% to 50% of them being girls. There are many reasons why people opt Chartered Accountancy as their career. However, one of the reasons is the cost of education being low compared to other professional courses. In terms of the future, there will be a huge demand for this career and a lot of career opportunities. Let's understand the CA Scope in future, job opportunities and salary in this field.

CA Scope in Future

  1. There will be a huge demand for this career in future as more and more businesses are being established. 

2. A chartered accountant plays a crucial role in the economy of India; they cater to various financial services which are very important for every business and can only be done through an authorized chartered accountant.

3. Chartered an accountant can join the government service, Public sector or Private sector.

4. After becoming a CA they can also start their own business or firm and cater their services to different businesses.

5. There are various public as well as private banks who need a chartered accountant for accounting strategies, financial auditing etc.

6. As a chartered accountant, you can offer your services for the capital market.

7. A Chartered Accountant you can have a great career as tax advisers and consultants.

8. One can work in the top Multinational company after becoming a CA. Companies like Deloitte, EY, PWC are some of the top companies who require CA.

CA Job opportunities

  1. There are various CA job opportunities for a CA in private or government companies.

2. You can pursue government or civil services jobs, this job is the best for those who want job security as well as good pay. There are various government firms in ITAT tribunal (Income Tax appellate tribunal), SEBI(Securities Exchange Board of India), RBI, etc where doors are always open for a CA.

3. You can also work in a Multinational company being a CA, if you are intelligent you can surely reach the uppermost position of the company and they also pay a good amount of salary.

4. Top companies to work as a CA are Deloitte, KPMG, BDO global, PWC, EY etc are few of the top companies you can start your career as a CA and reach great heights.

CA Salary

  1. CA Salary depends upon the skill sets he has acquired and rank he got in his finals.

2. There are various skills required like audit, financial analysis, account management etc.

3. The skillset of the highest salary is of budget management with an average salary of 9.5 to 11 lakhs per annum.

4. The starting salary of a fresher is an average of 7lakh per annum.

5. An experienced CA of more than 10 years is paid more than 20 lakhs per annum and above 20 years is 50-70 lakh per annum.

6. The highest job profile is of a Finance officer who is paid 35lakh per annum.

7. The highest paying company for a CA is Reliance Industries with an average of 25-45lakh per annum(Highest)

8. A CA can also earn through fees, commission and bonus if he is practicing in his own firm individually.

In summary, A chartered accountancy is an evergreen career which will have a huge demand in future. One must concentrate on cracking the exam first because when you become a chartered accountant you can, however, make a lot of money through your skills.

Many students don't take the CA examinations seriously; they just give it for the sake of their parents or anybody from their family due to which they don't pass because they do not have that determination or will. But if you are someone who has a great passion and determination of becoming a chartered accountant you will surely become one. This was all about the CA Scope in future.

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