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Prepare Yourself as an Eligible Candidate to Crack CTET Exam

Updated on 05 October 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 05 October 2020

If you have completed your academics and want to become a teacher, then you should complete a career-oriented training program. CTET is the most sought-after exam and the only gateway to obtain a teaching job in elementary and junior level schools. Exam qualification is the minimum eligibility requirement defined for teachers working in any Government, public or private school. To clear the exam, candidates must have an appropriate strategic plan based on their skills. A good preparation plan provides a defined path for candidates. Therefore, we have come up with some tips and tricks that candidates can follow to crack CTET exam.

How to Prepare and Crack CTET Exam 2020?

  1. Know about CTET 2020 exam pattern:

  1. CTET 2020 will take place in offline mode.
  2. The questionnaires will be bilingual (Hindi and English) with multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  3. Both parts - I and II will carry 150 marks each.
  4. Each question will have 1 mark and there will be no negative marking.
  5. 2 hours and 30 minutes will be provided to complete both papers - I and II

Follow the CTET Syllabus:

To follow a solid CTET Exam Preparation Strategy you must first know its syllabus.

  1. The CTET 2020 syllabus for part I and II will have topics prescribed in the NCERT books for classes I to V and V to VIII respectively.
  2. Candidates will be tested for two languages, one as a primary local language and another language that they can choose.
  3. For language II, aspirants will be tested on the elements of language, communication and understanding skills.
  4. The CTET syllabus for Child Development and Pedagogy will include topics related to teaching skills.

How to prepare for the CTET language?

Candidates need not worry as we have come up with CTET Exam Guide that will help you prepare better for the exam. Preparation strategy for CTET language is as follows:

  1. The teaching medium (language used to give instructions in the lessons) will be checked in the language section.
  2. A lot of practice is required to master the language section.
  3. The language is usually the regional language, and it is Hindi selected by most of the candidates.
  4. Online test series must be practiced to excel in this section.
  5. Time management and planning should be performed to improve section performance.

CTET preparation for the Mathematics I and II

Since math questions are asked in both papers, therefore a planned strategy must be made on the basis of the important guidelines defined for the teachers. The basic questions will be asked and the following must be used for the preparation.

  1. Review NCERT books: Students appearing for CTET must review the NCERT mathematics books prescribed by the CBSE from class I - V / VI-VIII according to the paper code.
  2. Mock Test: The previous year's question papers are important to excel the CTET exam. Many websites offer free mock tests. Sign up for an online CTET program or join a coaching center to excel in the exam.
  3. Sample papers: Before the exam, CBSE provides sample papers that must be practiced to understand the type of exam, pattern and difficulty level.

CTET preparation for Environmental Studies

  1. General and basic questions will be asked. Study the NCERT books of Class I to V and Geography of Class VI to VIII.
  2. Watch the Daily News and read the newspaper every day.
  3. Prepare for sample papers and previous year’s questions which are available online.
  4. Participate in an online mock test series where questions are asked about the topic.
  5. Take a random quiz on general awareness and environmental studies to get good results on the exam.

CTET preparation tips for Science

  1. In this MCQ type section only 30 questions will be asked which will be from class VI to VIII syllabus.
  2. NCERT books from class I to VIII must be studied to score well.
  3. Solve all problems in Science books from class VI to VIII.

CTET preparation tips for the Social Science

  1. Syllabus of Class I-VIII defined in Environmental and Social Sciences must be covered.
  2. Questions will be asked on the fundamental concepts of cultural, economic and political skills.
  3. Prepare notes on ancient history, medieval history and modern history to excel in the history section.

While choosing a career, you should try to follow the best way. To be an eligible candidate to crack CTET exam, you must prepare with full focus, hard work & dedication. Also, in order to become a successful teacher, if you train yourself in this way, not only it will be possible to crack the CTET exam, but also to do your job well.

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