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Right Strategy and Preparation Plan to Crack Railway Group D

Updated on 08 October 2020
Examination Guide
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Updated on 08 October 2020

It is expected that the 2020 exam date for RRB Group D will be announced soon. The exam was originally scheduled to be conducted from September to October 2020 but it has been delayed now and so candidates have more time to prepare for the examination. Candidates must read this article to get excellent results. With the right strategy and preparation plan, candidates can easily pass the exam with a good score.

Railway Group D Exam Pattern

  1. In Railway Group D Exam, 90 minutes’ time has been fixed for 100 objective type questions.
  2. There is a provision for negative marking in the written examination.
  3. The Group D exam will be computer based (online).
  4. In this, questions will be asked from Mathematics, General Science, Current Affairs and Reasoning.

Group D Section Wise Preparation Strategies 2020

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Continuous practice is required for good preparation of general intelligence and reasoning.

  1. First, candidates must go through important topics and try to solve more and more difficult problems every day, as this will help to enhance the individual's logistics skills
  2. Candidates can try games that require logic and reasoning
  3. Candidates must first try to solve simpler problems first and then go for difficult questions
  4. If you practice carefully, the reasoning part can easily get you good marks

Important topics:

Classification | Blood Relation | Direction | Analytical | Reasoning | Syllogism | Statement argument | Assumptions


To master this field, you need to combine skills with strategy. This section tests your ability to interpret and understand graphical data and then answer subsequent questions.

  1. First, candidates must understand the exam model and course structure
  2. Second, applicants should understand the concepts correctly and thoroughly.
  3. In addition, candidates must remember the formulas for different topics and apply them correctly
  4. Speed and accuracy are necessary, so practice more.

Important topics:

BODMAS | Percentage | Ratio and proportions | Time and work | Percentage | Compound interest and simple interest | Algebra | Geometry | Trigonometry

General Awareness and Current Affairs

This section assesses the general knowledge skills of candidates. Most questions asked in this section are from current topics such as Science & Technology, Sports, Culture, Personality, Economics, and Politics. Most candidates can get good marks in this section, but there are many questions that candidates find confusing.

  1. First, candidates must develop the habit of reading newspapers every day.
  2. Candidates can choose Hindu and Economic Times to obtain high-quality materials
  3. Secondly, candidates can also collect study materials such as "Manorama Yearbook"
  4. Discuss and share knowledge with peers

General Science:

  1. The General Science section is not difficult at all. Most of the questions in this section belong to 10th and 12th class. Candidates can refer to their high school books to sort out the topics.
  2. In Railway Group D, General Science questions will be based on Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  3. For the preparation of General Science, the candidate should practice the previous year question very well.
  4. Try to memorize those questions which are frequently
  5. Candidates should spend at least 3 hours a day working and improving this section

Important topics:

Classification | Life process | Ecology | Energy source | Reproduction | Acid base and salt | Metal and non-metal | Chemical reaction | Units and measures | Heat | Force

Some general tips about the RRB Group D exam

The Railway Group D recruitment exam will be conducted after the dates will be announced. Although the difficulty level of the exam is moderate, you still need to fully focus on each topic.

  1. When you fully understand the exam pattern and syllabus of the competitive exam, your preparation will begin thereafter. Read the previous year's question paper carefully, because it will give you an idea about the exam difficulty and decide your preparation strategy.
  2. The test will be conducted in 15 languages, so if you find difficulty in other languages, please prepare for the local language.
  3. In order to achieve the best results, please try to practice as many mock exams as possible to improve your performance in the Railway Group D exam.
  4. Create your own shortcuts and tricks for the math section of the exam.

Hope that the above mentioned strategy and preparation plan to crack Railway exams was helpful. Best of Luck!

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