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Is MBA the best course post-pandemic?

Updated on 21 October 2020
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Updated on 21 October 2020

This is the most common question that is asked by the students," is MBA best course post-pandemic" or "should I pursue an MBA post COVID". The global pandemic has disrupted every one, especially the students. They are in a dilemma for what should they do next. They cannot see a clear picture of their future and their careers are in a standstill in this situation. However, they need not worry as we have come up with this article which will prove why is MBA the best course post-pandemic.

Let's first dig deep into the insights for how will these changes have an impact on students who are doing their MBA or willing to do MBA.

Firstly let's understand why do students opt for MBA Course?

  1. Students who want to switch their career opt for MBA.
  2. Students who want to upgrade their career opportunities or job position.
  3. Better placement opportunities.
  4. Overall career growth.

There are many reasons but these are some of the major reasons.

According to the IMF(International Monetary Fund), this recession is the worst-hit recession, it is even worse than the subprime crises.

This pandemic has affected all the final year students who are waiting for their graduation to get over or those who are looking forward to their campus placements. The unemployment rate in our country has taken a major hit and these individuals are badly affected by it.

Let me tell you clearly every recession takes 3-4 years to recover, which in turn by logic tells you that unemployment issues are going to rise in the coming years. You can't just sit at home and wait for the normalcy or wait for the pandemic to get over.

Opting for an MBA is the best decision for the final year students who are in a confused state of mind. An MBA course will bring many opportunities for individuals as it is a two-year course, candidates will get jobs after they complete their MBA. By the time they are graduated, the economy will be stable leading to a stable employment rate. It has been found that after every great recession there has always been a boom in the economy.

Before you opt for an MBA this year, you should know some of the important changes that might happen in the MBA colleges looking at this COVID pandemic situation:

Online classes:

With the availability of virtual platforms, candidates can take up a virtual MBA course with B-schools. With educational institutions remaining shut, this is the only beneficial option that is adopted worldwide. The major Business schools like Berkeley Hass, Columbia Business school are conducting online education by shifting to virtual platforms for the students.

 Affordable MBA:

Due to this situation, the MBA colleges have lowered their fees due to the courses going online. This has resulted in students not enjoying campus life or enrolling themselves in any co-curricular activities which will result in affecting their networking skills.

Spike in application:

There has been a spike in MBA applications due to recession. People are unemployed and graduates are opting for MBA looking at the current situation.


These are some of the major changes that might happen in the MBA colleges in future or post COVID. As every coin has two sides, in the same way, there are both positives and negatives every situation but it's up to you how you look at it and grab the opportunities. We hope this article answered your question- why is MBA the best course post-pandemic. Good luck!

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