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XAT 2019: Exam Analysis

Updated on 04 November 2020
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Updated on 04 November 2020

XAT 2019: Exam Analysis

Xavier's Aptitude Test(XAT) is an entrance test which is organized by XLRI Jamshedpur. All over India, there are thousands of students who appear for this examination. There are many top colleges who accept XAT scores like SP Jain, IMT Ghaziabad, XIM Bhubaneswar, GIM Goa and many more. In this article, we will cover all about the XAT 2019 Exam Analysis.

XAT 2019 was conducted on Jan 06th 2019, the test went well without any corrections or glitches.

Paper pattern of XAT exam are:

Part 1:

  1. Verbal and logical ability
  2. Decision-Making ability
  3. Quantitative ability and data interpretation

Part 2:

  1. General knowledge

The test duration is for 3 hours. The first part of the question paper has negative marking i.e. for every wrong answer ¼th mark is deducted and 0.1 marks for unattempted questions. There is no negative mark for the second part.

Section                           No of questions

                                 Part 1

Section 1: Verbal and logical ability.           26

Section 2: Decision Making Ability.            21

Section 3: Data Interpretation and            27

Quantitative Ability

                                 Part 2

General Knowledge.                       25

Let's take a look at the complete XAT Exam Analysis:

Part 1

  1.  Verbal ability and logical ability:

There were a total of 26 questions in the verbal ability where there were 4 RC questions, 1 poem of moderate difficulty, 12 questions of antonyms, para jumbles and critical reasoning were asked. Reading comprehension passages were easy but the questions were a bit tricky.

Level of difficulty: Medium

2. Decision Making:

 There were a total of 21 decision-making questions. These questions check the decision-making skills of the candidate. The questions were related to various business decision making issues. No mathematical questions were asked, the question set had 7 sets of 3 questions each. The difficulty of this section was much higher than last year.

Level of difficulty: High

3. Quantitative Ability and Data interpretation:

The total number of questions asked was 28. The questions asked were mostly based on Arithmetic, there were a total of 7 questions based on Arithmetic. 6 questions were on data interpretation. There were 2 questions that were based on Venn diagrams. 6 questions were based on geometry.

Level of difficulty: Medium


Part 2

1. General knowledge

As I have mentioned before, there are 25 questions that are based on GK. The questions were majorly based on the budget that was released that year and some questions about mergers and acquisitions.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

The decision-making questions were quite tricky but the GK questions were quite similar to last year. There are many perspectives of this paper depending upon person to person. Each candidate has seen their fair shares of the question paper.

This was the complete XAT 2019 Exam Analysis. Candidates can get a clear idea for what they can expect in the examination. This guide will help them prepare better and get an understanding of the exam. It is important to analyze the previous years papers as well. To conclude I would like to say that the overall XAT 2019 paper was of moderate difficulty. Good Luck!

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