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Focus Together To Achieve Common Goals

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Whether you thrive in self-study mode or bring out your best in group-study, we all need to fuel ourselves with a little motivation and some extra hands.

These buddies and partners become our network, who's there when needed, even if it's to say, "You're not alone!"

The ideal network, then, is one where we can share doubts, answer queries and share study materials.

It guides and motivates to heights, but also readily accepts and understands everyone who signs up.

Tagged to tabs and smartphones, we need our network to be online too.

We need it to be a collaborative space for minds who're all working towards scoring on the same goals.

One such network is Study24x7, which has gained quite a buzz in a short period.

What is Study24x7?

Study24x7 is a collaborative network of learners, collaborators, facilitators and educators.

With a strict focus on subject and realm-associated fields, the app provides a platform to students who’re making decisive choices in their higher education and beyond.

Benefits for Study24x7

Unlike other social platforms, we come to Study24x7 to talk, discuss and explore the world of education, based on specific interest filters - higher education, college courses, streams of study or even entrance exams.

A new user can tweak the feed to meet their interests and come back to modify them accordingly.

We can also connect with like-minded learners and build communities with them.

Imagine a chain of people brainstorming over the same common concerns, rather than face them alone.

Each member also becomes a guide and a trainer, sharing what they’ve picked up so far, for everyone’s benefit.

For the toppers among us, this is the ideal platform to build on our learning and credentials, simply by creating free (or paid) courses for others to take up.

As everyone comes to this level-playing field looking for an edge, the sheer range of courses and certifications from peers and established companies will justify the amount of time one spends here.

Need more? Either create or follow multiple pages on Study24x7 to keep up with the latest educational trends and gain the advantage of this multi-mind platform.

This works for existing EduTech companies as well, who can use the platform to connect and engage with hyper-focused learners and offer their services to them.

The Right Platform To Hook Ourselves To

We're often advised to restrict our social presence when exams are underway or generally when we need to focus on our studies.

Imagine staying active and up-to-date on your educational needs, at that time, through a similar, focused network.

Let then, this network and the very human contact we would build over it, be the shield against all the distractions we may face over the day.

Simply add your thoughts, your close contacts and watch them grow, connect and solve your pain points through high school, college and beyond.

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