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CLAT 2019: Exam Analysis and Tips

Updated on 03 November 2020
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Updated on 03 November 2020

CLAT 2019 exam was conducted on May 26, 2019. The paper was the most unpredictable one because the level of the paper was very easy compared to past years. There are many reasons why the CLAT 2019 paper was the easiest. If you have a look at the paper the paper was somewhat similar to 2016 especially the legal reasoning part. It was definitely not the test of the intellect, it was more of testing your speed. Here we will discuss about the CLAT 2019 Exam analysis and CLAT 2019 Exam Tips for all the CLAT aspirants.

As always the paper was conducted in an offline mode i.e. pen-paper mode. There were no glitches in the paper. The paper conduction was successful. 60% of the question from every section was pretty simple and easy.

If you had practiced the past papers of CLAT then the paper would have been very easy as most of the questions were very similar to past CLAT papers including one of the analytical reasoning sets and legal reasoning sets. Let's look at the in-depth CLAT 2019 Exam analysis and CLAT 2019 Exam Tips.

1. English Paper

The CLAT 2019 English section consisted of one passage question, the rest of the questions were based on grammar and vocabulary. If you look at the CLAT 2019 paper the English section was quite similar to CLAT 2016-17. You could easily score 30 plus in the English section.

Level of difficulty: Easy

2. Mathematics

Mathematics which is one of the difficult sections for the aspirants but CLAT 2019 mathematics section was very much similar to CLAT 2016 paper. One can easily attempt 12-15 questions if you have managed your time accordingly.

Level of difficulty: Easy

3. Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning was dominated by analytical reasoning sections which have been the trend for the last few years. This paper had more than 30 analytical reasoning questions, there were few questions from critical reasoning as well. One can easily attempt 33-34 questions quite easily.

Level of difficulty: Medium

4. General Knowledge

 All 50 questions were based on current affairs, few questions were also based on static GK but they can also be classified as the current affairs because the context were based on the recent scenarios. You can easily score 40 plus in the GK section as it was based on the latest events.

Level of difficulty: Easy

5. Legal Aptitude

Legal aptitude was lengthy if your reading skill is great, then you can easily crack this section. Most of the legal aptitude questions were the same as past paper questions of this section which was quite surprising. Some questions were just copy-pasted from past papers from the last 10 years. Therefore it is always suggested to practice past papers before giving CLAT as it is a bonus. You can easily score 35 plus in this section, but 40-42 is an excellent score.

Level of difficulty: Medium

CLAT 2019 Exam Analysis and CLAT 2019 Exam tips

 Some tips to crack CLAT exam are as follows-

Tip 1: Start studying General knowledge from day 1

 Most students give the least preference for this section which is very wrong. You should start preparing for this section while you are preparing for other sections. Avoid delaying this section as GK has the highest weightage of 15%-25%. GK is for 50 marks if you get at least 45-50 marks in this section you can get a great rank in CLAT and you might get into the top 5 law colleges of India.

Tip 2: Gather all the study material including mock papers

Gather all the study material that is available. It might be General knowledge books, sample papers or online or offline notes. Don't buy books that are not useful or outdated.

Tip 3: Prepare timetable and follow accordingly

 The timetable is very important when you are preparing for an examination. Follow your timetable rigorously and don't skip studying as it might become a habit.

Tip 4: Solve past papers

I have also said it above that solving past papers will help you a lot as it will make you feel more confident and you might end up getting the same questions from the past paper itself, not the whole paper obviously but some questions.

Tip 5: Get all your doubts cleared before the paper

If there is any doubt that is eating up your mind, get it solved then and there. There might be some possibilities that you might not remember the next time when you are studying. Get all your doubts cleared before the exam.

I hope I helped you in some way or another and you got an idea about the CLAT 2019 Exam analysis and CLAT 2019 exam tips. Thank you for reading this article. Hope you pass with flying colors. Good luck!

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