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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

Preparation for 10th board examination is a year long process. A year full of efforts, dedication, hard work, tuition, assignments, no T.V, less play; a year that every student comes across in life. 10th examination is considered to be the stepping stone in one's career. Marks achieved in 10th board are crucial for seeking admission in reputed colleges. Once the result is out the first question that strikes the mind is "What Next?" Picking out a career can be a tricky proposition. But deciding 'what you want to be' is the first step in the process of achieving to be that. Most of the time we may tend to follow what our friends select or may succumb to societal or parental pressure. With a lot of things going around, it is important to understand the area of your interest. You may dream to be a doctor, a pianist, an actor or an astrophysicist; be it whatever, having a clear picture of your goal would certainly help you take necessary steps towards it.

After the results are out, in a couple of weeks the admission procedure starts. You need to fill up online/offline forms to take admission in college. But even before that you need to choose a stream that would take a step closer to your goal. There are basically 3 streams that you may opt for

1.Science : If the intriguing phenomenon of nature interests you, this is your field. Getting admission into Science stream would require you to have a good score. On getting an admission in a Science college, you shall be dealing with the following subjects

  1. Physics (P)
  2. Chemistry (C)
  3. Mathematics (M)
  4. Biology (B)

Students who wish to pursue medicine must take up all the four subjects. However, there are students who do not wish to opt for mathematics or they simply lack interest in that subject, they can choose PCB as their subject combination. If you wish to be an engineer, your subject combination must be PCM. Biology can be dropped.

2.Commerce : Commerce is the field for people who love numbers, finances, business developments, economics. It is the widely growing field, with majority students pursuing it. Commerce stream that provides vivacious career opportunities like CA, CS, MBA, Finance, Economics, Accountancy, Banking sector jobs, Government jobs, investment banking etc. 

For 11th & 12th Commerce, four subjects that are compulsory are 

a. Mandatory - Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and English.

b. Optional - Maths, Informatics Practices, Entrepreneurship, and Physical Education.

3.Arts: It is also called as Humanities. This field shelters a person with creativity and breeds him into a flourished artist. The lucrative options provided by this stream are Fine arts, journalism, psychology, History, Writer, Poet, Performing arts, Design, etc. A Person pursuing Arts achieves Self Expression, Critical Thinking and teaches you to deal with the outer world.

Other than these 3 main streams, one can take up certain diploma courses.

1.Polytechnic : Right after class 10th, students can pursue polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Civil, Chemicals, Computer, Automobile. 

The duration for these courses can vary from 1-3 year depending upon the subject chosen

2.ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) :This course ensures immediate employment. ITI courses can be done with subjects like Mechanical, electrician, electrical.

3.Paramedical Courses : These are the courses that enables you to be Lab technicians, assistant of Doctors etc.One can Pursue paramedical courses like DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOA(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant). 

4.Short term courses : Students can also take up short term courses like Tally, DTP, Graphics, short hand etc

Choosing a career is of utmost importance as it shapes your future. Select it wisely by following your heart. Have a clear idea of your ambitions and Go for it!

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