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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

Choosing a career can be a tough job in itself. With so many lucrative career opportunities and amazingly flourishing fields, confusion is bound to over power. 

We usually tend to take pros and cons of every single decision we make, very seriously. But when it comes about career planning do we really consider every aspect of it?

Do we consider all of the pros and cons?

The answer to this question, for majority of the Students will be NO!

And the reason can be lack of knowledge or lack of forethought. This is the major reason few people look for career change afterwards. 

Here I'm going to provide you with a list of some Dos and Don'ts you must consider while deciding your career path. 


  1. Understand yourself and your interests : It's important to know who you are and where your interest lies. Having a clear picture of this enables you to foresee your dream and goals. It's often said you tend to excel if you do what you love. 
  2. Be optimistic : Optimism breeds success. It helps you to have your sanity intact, flourish your decision making ability and will to overcome all problems.
  3. Work on your skills : Even the inborn talent needs grooming and shaping. One must always work on enhancing your skill set which can be as simple as speaking a language, writing skills, singing, sports etc. This is a sort of practice that takes you towards professionalism. In order to improve your skills you may either learn it yourself with practice or hire a tutor.
  4. Be informed : It is often said there is nothing like "Having extra information or Being Over informed". Every sort of information you gain is like a value added package. This enables you to take better decisions and make remarkable choices.
  5. Follow your heart : The Heart never lies. Following your passion not only helps you to attain success but also breeds qualities like self dependence, having a vision and confidence to achieve that.


  1. Do not Go for Recommendations/Suggestions/advice : One must clearly understand that in the journey of Career building you can have navigators but the steering needs to be in your hands, You are the Driver! There can be people giving you advices and suggestions on who you should be or what you should do, at times there can be a kind of societal or parental pressure. But it's important to understand that the decision of who you should be must resonate with your interest and your personality. 
  2. Do not Go for a Career just because it seems easy : No career path is easy, it has its own set of challenges and hurdles that one must cross, and these challenges seem to be easy only when you love what you are doing. And certainly Choosing an easy career path doesn't really mean that you like it enough. Nothing is easy and every and everything needs effect. Choose where you wanna put your efforts wisely.
  3. Do not fall into peer pressure : While growing up, friends are considered to have a greater influence on us as they are the people we spend time with. They are also the ones who share common interests in various things. With similar choices, likes and dislikes etc. A will to do something they are pursuing, without a forethought can be the biggest mistake one can make. It is important to understand that every individual has its distinctive career and life journey and one must always be independent in the choices and decisions. Following someone else's path shall enforce unwillingness and disinterest at the later stage of the career.
  4. Do not ignore your interests : Understanding yourself and your interests is the key to a happy and enduring career. A career based on one's interests takes off with success, this is because one will always have a will, desire, vision and he/she will take the necessary efforts to achieve it. Your interest may lie in any given field like dancing, Performing arts, Writer etc, following your heart is important and when one starts to do that he begins to create numerous opportunities for himself.
  5. Do not limit yourself : Every talent is unique and every talent is valuable. Limiting yourself or your talents just due to it's less recognition or you being the first one can be the unjustness you shall inflict on yourself. We must always remember there is always the first time, there was a first time for acting, a first time for painting and even a first time for infamous 9-5 jobs. One must always explore!
  6. Do not forget to do your homework : Every decision we make in life must be based on research and facts. While deciding the career, having knowledge about every aspect like its job opportunities, potential etc must be looked for. Having a clear idea helps you to weigh its pros and cons and decide the right thing.
  7. Do not have unrealistic expectations : There can be people who expect success without effort or there can be people who would one go for a Career just because they believe they can achieve high monetary goals easily and much earlier in life. It's important to understand that success and monetary goals come along with efforts and patience. 

Consider these Dos and Don'ts while choosing your career, and you are all set to explore the world of possibilities!

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