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Preparation Strategy and Books for CLAT exam.

Updated on 04 November 2022
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Updated on 04 November 2022

"It always seems impossible until it's done, "

                                                                                  -Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest leaders in the world, Nelson Mandela once said "It always seems impossible until it's done". This is the most influential statement according to me. Everything feels impossible until you work for it. If you have a goal you need to have a strategy or a plan for that goal to be successful. In the same way, if you want to become a good lawyer you need to have the best strategy that works. Here we will discuss about CLAT Exam preparation & tips for all the aspirants.

 Let's look at all the strategies you need to crack the CLAT examination.

We know that until last year the paper had 200 questions but this year, CLAT 2020, the paper will have 150 questions.

But first let's see the subjects and number of questions that are asked in CLAT:


No of questions



Current Affairs, including general knowledge


Legal Reasoning


Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Techniques


Now let's see some of the important CLAT Exam tips you need to have as a CLAT aspirant for each section

Reading and comprehension

  1. Reading speed 

Your reading speed must be 300 words per minute and above. Check your reading speed through reading the newspaper and book.

  1. Critical thinking 

You must have great critical thinking, it means that you must have good analysing skills. It would help you while reading passages like drawing conclusions of the passage and various aspects like that.

  1. Reading Graphs and charts

You must know how to read graphs and charts as there might be some questions related to it.

  1. General awareness

This is one of the most effective CLAT exam tips not only for this exam but in life too. Refer to Manorama magazine or different books of GK and be updated.

2. Legal reasoning

  1. Passages

In the new pattern of legal reasoning, there will be passages, these passages will be based on current topics.

3 months before the exams just go through all the recent updates on legal aspects so that it becomes easier to answer the questions

  1. Test your comprehension, analytical and legal reasoning skills.
  2. Test your reading speed.

As I have told you before, testing your reading skills will be very helpful on the day of the exam.

3. Logical reasoning

  1. Critical reasoning

This section has a lot of weightage in terms of CLAT. During the past few years, the pattern of critical reasoning is in the format of GRE/GMAT Form so refer some critical reasoning questions from GMAT/GRE papers. Following are some of the important sections:

  1. Short RCA
  2. Puzzles
  3. Syllogism, Blood relations

4. Quantitative Techniques

  1. Data interpretation

There will be various graphs, on the basis of those graphs you need to answer the questions. Study the concept of percentages, profit and loss and averaged thoroughly.

  1. Calculation skills

Studying different techniques of easy and fast calculations will help you during examinations as it would take less time to solve your paper.

  1. Some basic mathematical concepts

5. General knowledge

For a better CLAT exam preparation, refer to the general knowledge tips below.

  1. Passages of 450 words each based on Newspaper articles.
  2. There will be an article, you need to answer the question based on the article which will be connected to GK. Also refer to the Static GK based on current topics.

6. English

  1. 6-8 passages of reading comprehension(450 words each).
  2. Work on your reading skills as it will save a lot of your time while writing the paper. 
  3. Solve at least one comprehension per day to have a good speed.
  4. Read newspapers and articles regularly to be fluent with your vocabulary.

Let's look at best books you will need for the best score:

As the difficulty level of CLAT exam varies from medium to high level, candidates must have CLAT exam important book to boost their preparation.

  1. Reading Comprehension/English

  1. Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis
  2.  Better English by Norman Lewis
  3. English is easy by Chetan Anand Singh
  4.  Barron Pocket guide to vocabulary
  5. English Grammar and comprehension Wren and Martin

2. Legal Reasoning

  1. Legal Awareness and legal Reasoning by Pearson
  2.   Objective legal aptitude by RS Agarwal

3. Logical Reasoning

  1. A modern approach to logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal
  2.  Universal CLAT guide 
  3. Bare Acts by Indian Constitution

4. General Knowledge

  1.  The Hindu Newspaper
  2.  Manorma year book
  3. Current Affairs yearly by Arihant Publication

5. Quantitative Techniques

  1. Fast-track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publication
  2. Class 10th NCERT books

This was all about the CLAT exam preparation that one needs to know. The above-mentioned books are some of the best books that are available in the market. I hope you refer to each of these books and strategize your study techniques. Practicing past papers is very important to crack this exam, as it gives you an idea about the paper and boosts confidence. Thank you for reading the article and I hope it helped you in some way. Good Luck!

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