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ESE general studies and Engineering Aptitude Preparation tips

Updated on 06 July 2020
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Updated on 06 July 2020

The ESE Exam is highly demanded as it witnesses lakhs of aspirants each year. This is mainly because of the various job opportunities and additional benefits that it provides to an individual. With such a huge number of aspirants appearing for ESE, the level of this exam is quite tough. To clear this exam with flying colors one needs to prepare for it efficiently. This exam is mainly divided into two sub-exams i.e. ESE Prelims and ESE Mains. Aspirants who clear the Prelims exam are only eligible to appear for the Mains exam. The ESE Prelims exam consists of two papers i.e Paper 1 and Paper 2. The ESE general studies and engineering aptitude constitutes a total of 200 marks in the entire Paper 1

It is important to score good marks in the Prelims exam and so to do that aspirants need to focus on the general studies and engineering aptitude section. In this article, we will discuss some preparation tips for the general studies and engineering aptitude section. 

The first thing before starting the preparation is to get to know the Exam Pattern and Exam Syllabus

  1. The general studies and engineering aptitude consists of 100 questions.

  1. The duration of this section is 2 hours and it is an objective-based examination.

  1. For each wrong answer, ⅓ marks are deducted.

  1. This section covers topics related to current affairs (national and international),

Engineering aptitude (Logical reasoning & Analytical ability), engineering mathematics & numerical analysis, General Principles of Design, Drawing & Importance of Safety, basics of project management, basics of material science & engineering, basics of energy & environment, ethics & values in the engineering profession, standards and quality practice in production, construction, maintenance & services, ICT based tools and their application in engineering like e-governance, networking and technology-based education. 

The Correct Reference Books:

There are multiple reference books available offline as well as online which can help the candidates score good marks in the exam. Some of the best reference books are as follows:

  1. General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Guide.
  2. ESE 2020 Prelims: General Studies and Engineering Aptitude.

The GK Publications and MadeEasy Publications are mostly the best books one can refer to while preparing for this section. 

Candidates should select only those books which are authentic after verifying its source. 

The Study Plan:

Making a study plan from day 1 is a very crucial task as one needs to focus on the amount of time spent daily on the topics. Candidates can follow the below study plan or make it according to them.

General Studies : 3 hours 

Engineering Aptitude: 4 hours 

Revision: 30 mins

A study plan will be helpful for keeping a track of the topics covered daily. Candidates should stick to the plan and should increase the time span of studying as the exam approaches.

Solve Sample Papers, Previous Years Papers & Mock tests:

The ESE general studies and engineering aptitude can be prepared thoroughly only if the candidates refer to the previous year’s paper and solve it. Along with the previous year’s paper, try to solve sample papers and mock tests to get a better understanding of the questions being asked in the exam. Also, it will help in time management and identifying the strength and weaknesses of the candidates in a particular topic. Candidates can easily get these papers and mock tests online

Read News Daily:

Reading news every day is essential as general studies cover topics related to current affairs (national and international). Candidates should be updated with the news and should dedicate at least 30-60 mins for reading it daily

Seek guidance from Experienced Faculties/Toppers:

Candidates should seek the guidance of either an experienced faculty or toppers from the previous year’s exam. The toppers can help candidates with their examination experiences like solving the problems, preparation approach for a particular topic and other tips and tricks. If the candidates have joined a coaching institute, make sure to seek guidance on a daily basis from a good senior faculty

Revise Daily:

Revision is the most important part which should be practiced daily. Dedicate at least 30 mins every day for revising the part which the candidates have learned on that particular day. Last-minute revisions should not be followed by the candidates as the syllabus is quite vast. Try to note down the important points or make mini notes to refer to before the exam. 

Many candidates tend to neglect the ESE general studies and engineering aptitude section while preparing for the exam. What one needs to understand here is that it is the most important section as it contributes 200 marks in the entire paper 1. This section should be studied smartly and from day 1 itself. 

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