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SSC Online Test for English Language & Comprehension

Updated on 15 February 2020
SSC Preparation Strategies & S
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Updated on 15 February 2020

The SSC online notified the syllabus for the CGL examination.

The candidates must practice for the SSC exam through online tests.

SSC Online Test for Improvement of Sentences

Tips for Improvement of sentences:

  1. Check for Subject-Verb agreement: The verb used in a sentence must be according to the subject.

· When two subjects are added by ‘or’, the verb should be in singular form.  

Example: The brother or sister is having lunch.


· When two subjects are added by ‘and’, the verb must be used in plural form.

Example: Boys and girls are playing

· Sentences starting with ‘Any’, ‘Each’ or ‘Every’ always use a singular verb.

Example: Each one of the family is happy.

·  The sentence containing ‘either/or’ and ‘neither/nor’ use the singular form of the


Example: Either Ram or Shyam is playing.

2.  The use of pronouns should be according to the subject and object used in the X

Example: Either Ram or Shyam is playing.

Example: Line is the one that connects to point.

3.  Redundant words should be eliminated.


      Incorrect sentence- Combine two patterns into one.

      Correct sentence- Combine two patterns.

4.  Comparisons must be made among similar types of things.

Example:  He is shorter than his sister.

SSC Online Test for ative / Passive voice of verbs

Active Voice: In the active voice, the action of the subject is explained by the verb in a sentence and expresses a clear message.

Passive Voice: In Passive Voice, the subject in the sentence is the receiver of a verb’s action and expresses the gentle message.


Active Voice: He does not write a letter.

Passive Voice: A letter is not written by him.

Basic Rules to convert sentence from active voice to passive voice:

1.  Identify the subject, object, and verb in the sentence.

2.Interchange the place of subject and object with each other.

For example:

Active voice: He wrote a letter.

Passive Voice: A letter was written by him.

3.  Helping verb should be used correctly.

4.  Past participle form of the verb will be used in passive voice.

5.  The preposition ‘by’ is used.

6.  Change the subject into an object as follows:

He: Him

She: Her

I: Me

They: Them

We: Us

Who: Whom

It: It

You: You

What: What

Which: Which

SSC Online Test: Conversion into Direct/ Indirect Narration

Direct Narration:

·  When the message is conveyed in the words of the speaker itself, it is said to be in direct


·The statements in the direct narration are always enclosed in inverted commas.

·  Example:  The girl said, “She is happy with her outfit”.

Indirect narration:

· When the message is expressed in the word of some person other than speaker it is said to be in Indirect Speech.

· In indirect speech, inverted commas are replaced by that conjunction.

· Example:

The girl said that she was happy with her outfit.

· In the direct/ Indirect Verb is changed according to following rules:

1.  Present Indefinite                        - past Indefinite

Present Continuous                       - Past continuous

Present Perfect                              -Past Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous      - Past Perfect Continuous            

Past Indefinite                                 - Past Perfect

Past Perfect Tense                           - No Change

Past Perfect Continuous Tense       - No Change

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