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UP TET Exam Pattern 2020: Important Instructions

Updated on 05 October 2020
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Updated on 05 October 2020

It is very important for the candidates to know about the UP TET Exam pattern 2020 before applying for the exam. The UP TET exam is conducted in two parts; the first exam will be for the primary teacher which consists of teachers from class 1st to 5th. At the same time, the second examination will be for upper primary teachers, in which candidates who clear this exam will be considered to teach class 6th to 8th students. You can get complete information of UP TET Exam Pattern 2020 in this article.

UP TET Exam Pattern in Detail 2020

The exam consists of two tests, viz.

Paper 1:

  1. Number of questions asked in the examination - 30 questions in each section.
  2. Nature of the questions - Objective (MCQ). Each question will have four choices from which only one will be correct.
  3. Exam mode - Offline (PBT)
  4. Medium - The questions asked in all the examination centers will be in English and Hindi only, except for the language sections.
  5. Marking - Each question is of 1 mark each.
  6. Negative marking – There will be no negative marking, so try to attempt every question.
  7. Number of sections - 5 sections.

Paper 2:

  1. Number of questions asked in the examination - 30 questions in each section.
  2. Nature of the questions - MCQ
  3. Exam mode - Offline (PBT)
  4. Exam medium - The questions asked in all the examination centers will be in English and Hindi only.
  5. Marking scheme - Every question carries 1 mark.
  6. Negative marking - No negative marking.
  7. Number of sections - 4 sections.
  8. Choice of paper - Applicants need to choose one paper between Maths / Science or Social Science.

What Questions Can Come from Which Subject in UP TET Exam 2020?

Here we will discuss about the complete TET Exam Preparation strategy. The UP TET exam will be held in December 2020. Candidates who are going to appear for the exam can get information about the UP TET Exam Pattern related to every subject in this article. With the help of this, the candidates will be able to get complete and correct information to score good marks in the exam.

1.  Child Development and Pedagogy:

  1. Which stage of life is called a state of pleasant and light?
  2. What is education?
  3. Who developed the kindergarten teaching method?
  4. What is psychology currently considered?
  5. What is studied in child psychology?
  6. What is the psychological meaning of the word inspiration?
  7. What is the method of imparting knowledge in sports?
  8. What is the general meaning of the game?

2.  Language (Hindi):

  1. What is the appearance of karpat?
  2. What is the meaning of tone?
  3. What is the correct meaning of the idiom “Chor k daadi mein tinka”?
  4. What will be the rupture of Mahomi?
  5. What compound is there in Characharam (Jagat)?
  6. Which suffix is pleasant?
  7. Which sentence is pure?
  8. Which of these words will come at the end of the dictionary?
  9. Isn't language a method of teaching?

3.  Mathematics:

  1. What is the smallest prime number?
  2. Which number we will get by adding that smallest number to 269.
  3. In 57 rupees and 75 paise, what will be the total number of paisa?
  4. What will be the HCF of 14/33, 21/22, 42/55?
  5. When is a bifurcation used?
  6. Who is the author of Mathematics Abstracts?
  7. How many squares are asked in the given picture?
  8. Which method is not included in the axiomatic method of teaching mathematics?

4.  Environment:

  1. To whom is the Green Muffler related?
  2. When is International Ozone Day celebrated?
  3. Which fuel causes the least pollution?
  4. Which of the following gases caused the Bhopal Gas tragedy?
  5. In which country is Christmas celebrated in summer?
  6. Why was the Ganges action plane built?
  7. In which year was the Environmental Protection Act passed?
  8. What is the reason for geomagnetic heating?
  9. Which city in Madhya Pradesh is called the city of lakes?

Important Instructions for UP TET Exam 2020

The instructions below, as mentioned on the admit card, must be followed strictly by the candidates on the day of the exam. This will help them for a better TET Exam Preparation.

  1. Candidates must reach the exam center at least half an hour before the scheduled exam time.
  2. Applicants must bring their UP TET 2020 hall ticket to the examination center, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the examination center.
  3. Applicants are also asked to bring their valid ID proofs, such as an Aadhar card, Pan card, driving license.
  4. UPTET is an examination on paper and pen so applicants must have at least 2 pens with them.
  5. No mobile phone, pager, calculator or other electronic gadget is allowed inside the examination room.
  6. Manage your time properly.
  7. Try the critical questions after completing the easiest ones.

This was the complete TET Exam Preparation Strategy that candidates must follow. This will help them to understand the complete exam pattern along with the instructions that they must follow during the day of the exam. Good luck to all the UP TET Exam aspirants!

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