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LSAT Exam Preparation Strategy and Tips.

Updated on 04 November 2022
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Updated on 04 November 2022

LSAT is a standardized test of reading and verbal reasoning skills. It is conducted by the Law school admission council(LSAC), Pearson VUE. It is designed to help students with good critical thinking skills and hence there are no questions designed to check prior legal knowledge, grammatical knowledge, mathematical knowledge or general knowledge. Here we will discuss about the LSAT exam preparation strategy and tips for all the aspiring candidates.

LSAT is conducted 4 times each year at designated testing centers throughout the world. Administered by LSAC for prospective law school candidates, the LSAT is designed to access reading comprehension and verbal reasoning proficiency. This test is not only conducted in India but many other countries like Canada, Australia. A candidate cannot take LSAT three times within a two year period.

LSAT India breaks down critical thinking skills into three main types:

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Analytical Reasoning
  3.  Reading comprehension

As you can see above there are 92-100 questions asked approximately. The time duration for each section is 35 minutes and the total duration is 2 hours 20 minutes. This is an online computer based test with sectional timings.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The undergraduate students who are applying for BA.LLB programme through LSAT India need to be qualified for the 12th board examination of 10+2 pattern from CBSE or any other equivalent state board.  
  2. The candidate applying for LLM Program needs to be a LLB graduate. The LLB degree should be from a certified Law school of India or Bar Council of India(BCI).  

Let's look at the LSAT Exam Preparation Strategy and tips

Analytical Reasoning

  1. Analytical Reasoning is a test of deductive reasoning and concern reasoning about ordering relationships or set membership.

  1. Practice questions based on data arrangements and seating arrangements, by practicing such questions you can improve your Analytical Reasoning skills.

  1. Refer to the books like RS Agarwal or Arihant, apart from these books do checkout the practice material given by the LSAC on their website

  2. You can get a lot of study materials from their official website which will be very helpful while preparing for LSAT.

  1. Remember one thing for Analytical Reasoning the more you practice the easier it will be to solve this section and slowly and steadily your speed for solving these questions will improve.

2. Logical Reasoning

  1. Logical Reasoning questions concern short, informal arguments.

  1. They assess your ability to recognise or draw conclusions of arguments, apply principles, and analyze argument structure.

  1. They can also assess identifying what's wrong with an argument, what assumptions are needed in an argument and what effect additional evidence would have on the strength of an argument.

  1. As I have mentioned above the study material provided by the LSAC on their official website has great content.

  1. Apart from that, do check out the GMAT books. They have great questions on logical Reasoning.

  1. Read newspapers and books everyday as it will help to increase your reading speed.

3. Reading comprehension

  1. Reading comprehension questions assess the ability to recover the main point of the lengthy passage as well as things that are explicitly said in the passage.

  1. They assess the ability to use context to determine words and phrases, also the ability to grasp logical or rhetorical structure of the passage.

  1.  The ability to draw analogies and inferences from the passage.

  1. The preparation for this section is similar to other entrance exams.

  1. Practice Reading Comprehension from the past papers of LSAT as well as other entrance exams, because the pattern is pretty similar.

From the above LSAT Exam tips we can understand that are key to success for this examination:

1. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the test by practicing. 

  1. Practice as many mock papers as you can as it will help you to improve on your critical as well as reasoning skills.
  2. Do check-out the LSAT website for the study material and practice some questions over there.
  3. Practice is key for this examination and don't forget to read newspapers daily.

2. You must seek to improve by attempting to understand your performance on the practice questions.

  1. After writing mock papers do assess and look at what are your strengths and weaknesses.
  2.  Take a close look at those questions that you have got wrong and improve on those sections.

I hope you got an idea about how to prepare for the LSAT exam preparation strategy and tips so start preparing as early as possible. Prepare a proper timetable for yourself and study accordingly. I hope you pass your exam with flying colours. Good Luck!

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