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NMAT Exam: Exam Info,Paper Pattern,Syllabus and Tips

Updated on 06 November 2020
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Updated on 06 November 2020

NMAT refers to NMIMS Management aptitude test, it is a national level test that is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council(GMAC). This entrance test is conducted for the admission into India's top B-school, NMIMS University and many other top MBA institutes. Here we will discuss NMAT Exam Eligibility, paper pattern, exam syllabus, etc.

NMAT by GMAC has three sections: Language skills, quantitative skills, Logical Reasoning. In this exam there is a sectional time limit for each section.

You can appear for NMAT 3 times in a year with 15 days gap in 75 days test windows ,at your preferred time, date and center.

The best score of your three attempts are taken into consideration. The registration date for this exam starts from 1st August,2020 and ends on 5th October 2020. It is a computer based test with 108 MCQ based questions, without negative marking.

NMAT Exam Eligibility:

  1. The Eligibility criteria for NMAT is that a candidate must at least complete graduation and secure not less than 50% marks in finals.

NMAT Exam Pattern:

There is no negative marking and the marking scheme is three marks per question.

NMAT Exam Syllabus:

Let's go through each and every section of NMAT and check the NMAT Exam Syllabus you need to study:

  1. Language skills

There are 36 questions asked in this section with 28 minutes section time. The language skills has three aspects that you need to study:

1. Vocabulary

  1.  Synonyms
  2.  Antonyms
  3. Analogies
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Cloze Test

2. Grammar

  1. Identify the errors
  2. Choose the correct preposition

3.  Comprehension

  1.  Reading Comprehension
  2. Para jumbles    

As I have mentioned before, there are 36 questions and 28 minutes for this section. The vocabulary has more weightage compared to other aspects like grammar and comprehension.          

  1.  Quantitative skills 

There are 36 questions with 52 minutes sectional timing in NMAT Exam Paper for Quantitative skills.

There are in total 5 aspects in this section that you need to study thoroughly.


  1.  Arithmetic

  1.  Ratio and Proportion
  2. Percentages
  3. Profit and Loss
  4.  Simple and Compound Interest
  5. Time and work
  6. Time, Speed and Distance
  7.  Averages
  8. Alligation and mixture
  9.  Clocks and Calendars
  10. HCF and LCM
  11.  Remainder Theorem

2.  Geometry and Mensuration

  1. Lines and Angles
  2. Triangles
  3. Quadrilaterals
  4.  Circles
  5. Mensuration
  6. Coordinate Geometry

3. Modern Math

  1.  Permutation-combination
  2.  Progression
  3. Probability
  4. Set theory 

4. Algebra

  1. Equations
  2. Inequalities
  3. Logarithm

5. Data interpretation

  1. Calculative sets
  2. Bar Chart
  3. Line Chart
  4. Table Chart
  5. Mixed Chart
  6. Pie chart

This whole section of quantitative aptitude is very important, you can put algebra as an option as there are not many questions asked from that section. Arithmetic and geometry has the most weightage. Study those chapters thoroughly to get a good score.

  1. Logical skills

There are 36 questions with 40 minutes sectional time. There are 2 aspects in NMAT Exam paper in logical skills that you need to study in this section.

  1.  Verbal Reasoning:

  1.  Statement and Argument questions 
  2. Statement and Assumption questions
  3. Statement and Inference questions
  4. Decision making and course of action
  5. Critical reasoning

2. Analytical Reasoning:

  1. Linear and Circular arrangements
  2. Classification
  3. Syllogism
  4. Blood Relation Questions
  5. Coding Questions
  6. Series and Direction
  7. Alphabet
  8. Input and Output  
  9. Matrix
  10. Symbol based questions.

There will be 10 to 15 questions asked from Verbal reasoning. This section is all about testing speed. The difficulty of this section is moderate type. Verbal Reasoning is more of critical reasoning type of questions.

Tips for cracking NMAT exam:

  1. Read the newspaper daily

NMAT is a speed based test, by reading newspapers your reading skills will improve. This will be very helpful as it will increase your reading speed as well as improve your grammar for your NMAT exam.

2. Study Vocabulary

Studying new words everyday will help you in reading comprehension and language skills. Read books like 'Word Power made easy" it will be really helpful.

3. Practice NMAT mock test 

Practicing mocks will not only help you in writing the NMAT paper but also build a lot of confidence for solving the NMAT paper.it gives a real time experience of the exam and helps to determine in which section you are lacking or getting a lower score.


I hope you understand the complete NMAT Exam details like NMAT Exam Eligibility, syllabus and paper pattern of the exam. Practicing mocks will be very helpful for this examination and follow the above listed tips to get good marks. Good Luck!

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