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How to motivate children to Learn/Study

Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

Being the innocent toddlers who only had to eat, sleep and play was of immense fun. Growing up to the school going kids who need to complete their homework, study for exams and excel in them comes with a certain amount of pressure that even we have faced once and is something our kids might succumb to. This pressure always inflicts unwillingness or divergence of the child's interest. Parents and teachers play a very important role in restoring and maintaining his/her interest in studies, this majorly refers to motivation and innovation in teaching.

This truly helps to enhance the child's desire to learn and develop an understanding towards studies, enabling him to excel in it.

The major cases where, we as parents or teachers may go wrong is when the child starts feeling forced towards studies. 'Forcing something' has always known to have a deflecting effect. This deflection effect may have an absolute negative impact on the child's state of mind, adhering to low confidence, unwillingness, disobedience etc. But let not this fact bother you as we here, shall unfold some of the basics and proven techniques to garner your child's interest towards studying and learning things.

  1. Share your experiences : It is a well studied fact that a child imitates and takes inspiration from his/her parents. We must have often noticed a child copying what his/her mother does. The same can be implicated in order to grab your child's interest towards learning. Share the positive incidents and your love towards studying and learning. Do not pressurize them with unrealistic scores, "when I was of your age" statement, etc. Share as a friend.
  2. Motivation is the key : Children being the pure souls that they are, even a little bit of motivation can do wonders. Once motivated these pure hearts start off without an inhibition of not being able to do it, unlike us adults. It is very important to motivate a child to do something or learn. It inherits confidence and willingness. Simple words like you can do it, or appreciating their work can work miraculously.
  3. Try Different Teaching/learning techniques : The millennial technique of book, slate, blackboard etc hold its importance but with the growing technological age, providing exposure to the visual content can be significant in his/her better understanding. Inclusion of game based learning is also one of the beneficial technique as game infused learning is not only fun but also checks all the boxes about learning and education. One can always come up with different techniques to make teaching & learning fun and easy.
  4. Inculcate planning and organization skills : Cleanliness brings positive vibrations and Organization is the best skill that you can teach your child which is going to be utmost significant throughout life. This may first start off by teaching how to organize all the materialistic things like books, pencils, colors, toys etc. Be patient, with the required help and support, a child can learn organization and cleanliness easily. Moving further this skill can be enhanced by helping him/her organizing schedules and time. Time management goes hand in hand when talking about an Organized living. As the child climbs the grade ladder, he is bound by many activities like studying, school, homework, classes etc which may be draining and tiresome. Having a curated schedule can enable the child to enjoy each of the activities while having time to relax. Following a curated schedule will enable him to understand the importance of an organized living.
  5. Reward system : Reward is what all of us look upon, be it materialistic or personal gains. It is something that generates a wave of enthusiasm which enables us to enthusiastically do and outshine a given task. You know your child better than anyone else, create a Reward system wherein you award him/her on her accomplishments. The rewards can be anything like a favorite toy, a favorite meal, or just a few words of appreciation. This is like a token of appreciation that will make him/her feel loved and also motivate the child to do better each time.
  6. Understand Learning is important than Performance : You may have expected a score of 90+% from your child, but your child scores 81%. Tell him that's ok, appreciate him for working hard enough and encourage him to do better. Performance is an outcome of Learning. Learning shall always stay and help your child throughout. Encourage him/her in doing so.
  7. Have an Open communication : Encourage your child to put forth his/her views and opinions. This would in turn ensure that he/she doesn't feel insecure to share his shortcomings or inhibitions. This would help you to understand your child better. Talk to your child regarding his exam preparations, his difficult subject, whether he feels burdened etc. This would not only help you understand his/her problems but also find solutions that may lead him to confide in you and trust you.
  8. Understand the difference between Encouraging and Forcing : Studying can be something overwhelming and tiresome for the little kids. As they grow through each grade, the play time is narrowed and they full-fledgedly dedicate their time in school, tuition and self studies. At such times, as parents understanding the thin line between forcing and encouraging is a must.
  9. Encourage your child to develop a hobby and pursue it : Hobby is crucial for anyone be it a young person, a middle aged person or someone as aged as our grandparents. Hobby is the medium through which the body relaxes. It is evident in a few researches that when a child engages him/herself in an activity that he enjoys like drawing, playing, dancing etc;he/she is more likely to also enjoy studying.  
  10. Physical activity is a must : It goes unsaid that it is quite imperative that a child must go out to play. This being the most refreshing activity but also helps the child to relieve the days tiredness. This ensures to restore health, blood circulation, enthusiasm and refrains laziness to overpower.

The right approach is what it takes for motivating your child and motivation leads to miracle. Help your child achieve that while being accepting of his/her potential.

Because Performance is an outcome of learning, so strive to make learning a joy and teaching a pleasure!!!

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