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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

It is a fact that we all know and agree that an organized schedule is the key to success and a better living. 

But the question remains 'Do we all follow it?'

It is said that,"Time is what we want most and what we use worst". 

Effective utilization of time is what we preach but lack in practicing it on a day to day basis.

Planning an organized schedule is an art of Prioritizing activities and allotting time for it in order to accomplish desired goals. This enables you to plan your desired achievement for the day and use the available time effectively to achieve it. An organized schedule induces discipline.

Here are a few benefits of having an Organized schedule.

  1. It inculcates discipline and makes you value time : Discipline is an important aspect of life. Following an organized schedule helps you to concentrate your focus on the important things. It helps you to be disciplined in life as well.
  2. It refrains you from wasting time : An organized schedule will always help you utilize the time in the best possible way. An unorganized and spontaneous schedule will only enable you to do things that you remember at the moment. Because of which it is a possibility that you spend all your time on just one thing. With a proper time table you can have time bound activities which enables you to do multiple things.
  3. It helps you complete all the tasks : We always have a to-do list in the mind. ie., going to school, attending tuition, doing homework, self study, playing etc and after a tiresome day at school and tuition one may tend to skip self study. And this might get repeated every day. A time table helps you schedule all the activities and accomplish them without being tired or bored.
  4. It enables you to provide due attention towards all chores and subjects : A time table will help you manage time effectively which will spare extra time. This would enable you to give an adequate amount of time for all activities and also for important subjects.
  5. It helps to lead an organized living : When one starts practicing an organized schedule, he starts to imbibe that as his/her habit. This habit forms the first step towards leading a successful and stress free life.

I shall be discussing the important points to keep in mind while preparing a time-table or a schedule.

  1. List the activities you do daily : Listing all the activities of the day help you effectively place them in time slots without missing any.
  2. Prioritize important activities : A time table helps you pay enough attention to the activities that are important or work that needs to be completed urgently.
  3. Have time for relaxing : An ideal time table must have adequate breaks. This enables the whole schedule to be stress free and less tiresome.
  4. Meals and sleep : You must allot required time for both. Avoid reducing the time in order to fit other chores.
  5. Make your schedule makes you feel happy : Imagine a day you only and only work as a robot and continue doing so. How boring and frustrating can it get. Ensure your time table also consists of activities like playing and doing things you enjoy.

An organized schedule will definitely help you to all your short term and long term goals. Consider the above tips and go ahead!!!

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