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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

In the past decade, researches have been conducted in order to understand the relation between a students success with homework and self study. These researches suggest that the students who spend majority time on homework and self study are the one who do better in examinations and have a better understanding of the subject. It is arguable whether the students achievement and homework have direct links, but many educational institutions and teachers agree to the fact that homework and self study induces initiativeness, responsibility, self-dependence, and develop mind to have a better understanding and approach. These study skills prove beneficial in the academic front as well as in the academic achievement later in life. 

Arguably, some believe that sometimes this homework can be random and occupy unrealistic time. But as matter of fact, it is solely dependent on the educators. Weighing the purpose of the assignment and considering whether it is having a positive impact on the learning process is imperative. It is important for a student to feel empowered with confidence, knowledge and interest. A student only garners interest in a subject when he feels interested in it. Self study enables a student to read and understand the concepts himself which makes him stumble on concepts, have questions about them and seek answers. Parental involvement is also of great importance when it comes to homework. Interactive homework sessions can help the students in many ways, from expressing his/her shortcomings to asking questions. This can also help clue parents regarding the learning disabilities the child might face and help them seek help and adjust their learning strategies as required. Such an initiative from the parents end, enforces confidence in the children and helps them take steps towards improvement.

Following are the benefits of Homework & Self study :

  1. Homework and self study improves memory retention power
  2. It makes the student independent 
  3. It improves the 'question asking' ability of the student
  4. It enables the child to effectively use the available resources.
  5. It improves academic performance 
  6. It develops study skill sets that are beneficial further in life as well.
  7. It enables students to explore the subjects.
  8. Homework allows students to re-learn and/or revise the concepts covered in school and enables them to inculcate the habit of self study 
  9. Homework and self study improves concentration power
  10. Homework allows parts to understand the strengths and shortcomings in their child learning process, enabling students to seek necessary help.
  11. Homework and self study not only helps the student to revise the older concepts but also helps him/her to prepare for the next class.
  12. It enables the students to recognize their area of interest, which is important in setting dreams and life goals.
  13. Homework and self study inculcates responsibility and values like work ethics at a much earlier stage.
  14. With the amount of homework given and the need for self study helps the student manage time effectively.
  15. It boost confidence and self esteem
  16. It also helps the student to understand the importance of preparation and implement it strategically.

Homework and self study induces the best and necessary habits in a student adding on to his/her study skill set. It is rightly said "Quality over Quantity". As parents and educators, we are responsible for providing homework and assignments that would help him/her outshine rather than being over-burdened and stressed on homework completion. Help your child and students to make the most out of their homework and also encourage him/her to do so.

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