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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

It is arguable whether the technology is a boon or a bane. It is incorrect to have a one sided judgment as there are always two sides to a story, always two sides to a coin.

Being a boon or a bane also accounts to the critical outcome of the technological utility. There is a vast difference between using technology and/or misusing it. It indeed can be pervasive, but with diligence and assiduousness one can imbibe all the best things technology can offer.

With the technological advancements, accessing any piece of information is just a click away. The world of the internet has today been a shelter to many platforms that make education and learning easy. It has indeed enhanced the experience of learning for many children as all the focus lies on the visual appearance of the knowledge imparted. Since ages we know that visuals impact the mind and it is also associated with memory retention.

While we were kids, we were taught A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat etc. but along with that we were also shown a diagrammatic representation of an apple, a ball and a cat. This helps us remember the association better such that we remember it till date.

Such wonderful Visually appealing content can be!

As we grow up, all we have is more text and less visual representations. But due to the many platforms available on the internet which provides vivacious educational content enables us to visually see the intricacies of a concept and understand them better. This is available for every subject be it Mathematics, History, Science, English etc.

To narrow it down, here are some important benefits of Visually appealing content 

  1. It is the new age of learning : Today kids are digital native. They spend the majority of their time on the internet. They even tend to enjoy learning through videos. This is a win-win situation.
  2. It helps them learn at their own pace : Every child has its own learning pace. The video content available on the internet is always there, he can rewind and re watch it whenever he wishes to or when he doesn't understand something. This enables him to shed the fear of not keeping up and in turn helps be confident about his learning process.
  3. It gets processed faster : It is evident in various researches that visuals tend to be remembered for a longer period of time, but it has been also proven that a visually explained concept is well understood as well. For eg,. While teaching the functions of a cell, a child may have a difficulty in envisioning and understanding it. This is because he/she has never seen it, but when it is visually taught he/she tends to understand in a much easier way.
  4. It is remembered for a long period of time : A visual content is just like a movie, we remember a watched/seen content more effectively than a read one. Similar is the case here. When a student watches a video lesson, he has a kind of experience that stays longer in his/her memory.
  5. It is enjoyable : Visually educational content is basically 'Making study fun and interesting'. With easy understanding and creative visuals, students tend to enjoy it. This makes them look forward towards their study sessions.

Motivate your child to enjoy the new age learning. The visually appealing content will enable him/her to garner interest and love towards technology. 

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