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Preparation strategy for 12th Board Examination

Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

The 12th Board Examination is one of the crucial examinations in one's life. This is a career changing opportunity for all the students who wish to bag a seat in their dream colleges. Students tend to mark it as the most important goal as soon as they enter college, the preparation starts right after he/she is done with his 11th grade exams. Fear is bound to clasp over many students. But being nervous shall neither solve any problem nor make the exam easier. 

The key to overcome this fear and nervousness is only "proper preparation'. A right approach and preparation one can give his/her best shot in examinations confidently. 

Here is a curated preparation strategy for 12th boards examinations. One of the best exam preparation first begins with the mental preparedness and then the physical actions.

I. MENTAL PREPAREDNESS : One of the great thinkers said, "All the accomplished goals first began in the mind". Call it a vision, aim or dream; anything you desire must first be envisioned. For this you must start with following 

  1. Plan well : A goal without a proper plan is incomplete. A proper plan helps you to foresee all the shortcomings and possibilities to do better. While preparing for an examination, one must plan for the following things : 
  2. Commencement of preparation : The 12th Board examination preparations must start a year prior. This enables you to have ample time for syllabus completion, revision etc. Starting at the correct time is very important.
  3. Daily schedule : Have an organized schedule, this would enable you to accomplish minor goals and will refrain you from wasting time. This would also help you to be stress-free and tireless. with an organized schedule you may also find time for playing, watching television etc.
  4. Tentative time for syllabus completion : With diligent preparation you also need to set minor goals such as completion of a subject, completion of syllabus etc. This helps to complete the syllabus much before the examination and also have time for revisions or to focus in the difficult areas. The syllabus must tentatively be completed within 6-7 months.
  5. Assessment time : One must plan this session right after the completion of syllabus. This would give you insight about your shortcomings and would give you a first hand experience on solving a board question paper. 1-2 months must be dedicated towards solving old question papers. 
  6. Revision : Your plan must have an adequate time for revision. Revision locks up all that you have studied earlier, helping you to retain it for a longer period of time. The two months prior to examination must solely be dedicated towards revision.
  7. Time management is important : 12th Board Examination preparations can be time occupying, full of hassel and tiresome. With a routine parade between college, classes and home can lead you to ignore some tasks and self care. Time management will help you to complete all the tasks well within time. Time management enhances productivity and efficiency. 
  8. Maintain a positive attitude throughout : An optimistic attitude is the first stepping stone towards success. With a positive attitude one tends to only focus on the desired goals enabling him/her to take necessary steps to achieve it. 

II. PHYSICAL ACTIONS : Taking necessary actions and efforts towards achieving your goals accounts to the majority of your probability to succeed in it. It is unsaid that to excel in an examination one needs to study and work hard. But one also needs to have a smart strategy that enables you to put your efforts in the right direction.

Following is a Study strategy that would help to have a better preparation approach.

1.Phase 1 of preparation : Phase 1 of the preparation majorly works towards completion of the syllabus.

  1. Give due attention to the language paper : The overall percentage of the examination depends on all the subjects attempted. This includes the language as well. The language papers are generally not given much attention as they believe to be comparatively easy. However, along with them being easy they can also be the scoring subjects which will result in a better percentage.
  2. Start Reading : Text-books are the whole and sole of the examination. Reading your text book will enable you to understand and grasp the concept better. Reading about the concept before jumping towards learning an answer is an ideal way of studying.
  3. Dedicated time for each subject : In the 12th Board examinations you have fewer major subjects, but each subject consists of a wider syllabus. With the complexity level going high, there must be a dedicated time slot for each of the subjects. This helps you pay distinctive attention to each subject.
  4. Work on weak areas : We all have weak areas when it comes to studies. A study states that students find certain areas difficult because they lack basic knowledge of the concept. Start understanding the basics of the concept. For eg, If you find IUPAC difficult, start with understanding elements, their valancies, their groups viz Alkanes, Alkenes etc.
  5. Have a dedicated time for sums and numericals : Sums and Numericals forms a major part of the subject like physics. Chemistry, Maths, Accountancy, etc. You must not include numericals and sum solving in your memorizing and learning sessions. This is because they may be conceptually similar but practically they must be given separate attention.
  6. Make notes : Making notes helps you in enormous ways. It helps you to understand the concept better and also forms the bases of revision. Note making during the class and self study helps you to simplify and retain the concept in a much easier way.
  7. Watch videos for tough concepts : With the technological advancements, studying online has been possible. There can be certain concepts that can be tough to understand like working of the nervous system or magnetism. You can watch the visual content available online for better understanding. 

2. Phase 2 of preparation : The phase 2 of preparation deals with assessing the syllabus studied.

  1. Peer teaching : Group study is a common phenomenon between friends. You can take up concepts and start teaching each other. This will create a win-win situation where teaching your friend will make you have a better hold on the concepts and being taught by your friend will enable you to know some extra facts.
  2. Assessment : Assessment and evaluation has its own benefits. It helps you understand your shortcomings and the areas you need to work on. Solving old question papers is the best way to evaluate your learnings. This also serves as a practice to write the final examination.

3. Phase 3 of preparation : Phase 3 of the preparation focuses on revision. 

  1. Revision : After completion of syllabus, revision is one of the important sessions. This enables you to cover remaining or less understood topics, helps you retain it better and focuses toward better scoring.
  2. Practice : Practicing diagrams, sums, numericals is a part of revision but needs ample of written practice.
  3. Concentrate towards cleanliness of the answer sheet : After the successful presentation one needs to be able to present in a proper manner. A neat and clean paper presentation adds value to the written content.

Adopting the right preparation strategy is very important. With the above mentioned preparation strategy, cracking 12th board examinations shall become quite easy.

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