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Updated on 07 July 2020
Educational Guide
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Updated on 07 July 2020

Study can be an overwhelming affair, with a lot to grasp and retain there can be certain areas or subjects that one may find tricky or difficult. Each one of us may account to a different definition of a "difficult subject", which majorly is an outcome of believing other peoples experiences, not trying yourself or it can be just lack of interest. A survey held in 2009 states that children are most likely to find Math and History being the most difficult subject. The survey also stated that most of the children find Math difficult due to the notion of it being hard to crack. While some passed out students believe with proper practice math can be one of the easiest subjects, with only formulas to remember. Be the reason whatsoever, every student has that one subject that he/she finds it difficult to cope with. It is always believed that a tutor can only help you with difficult subjects.

But is that really true? 

Can you imagine the joy and confidence one might feel on cracking the most difficult subject?

It is rightly said 'Self help is the best help', so why not implicate in studies. Here are 5 basic steps you need to follow and we can guarantee you would need a tutor, and you'd know how to excel any given subject, even later in life.

  1. Budget your time : This literally means giving attention. Learning or mastering a subject requires patience, efforts and dedicated time. Schedule a time in the day just for the subject you find difficult. This can be done on an alternate days or a while day dedicated for it in a week.This must encompass reading, learning and practicing.
  2. Practice makes Perfect : Practicing is the key to Perfection and Excellence. The more you indulge yourself into learning a concept the better you have command over it. We all hated reciting multiplication tables while we were young, father always asked it after dinner everyday. This constant recitation and writing of table was a form of practice due to which we can instantly answer if asked. Similarly, practicing Sums, Formula, Answers, etc can make it much easier to understand and remember. Written and Recitation are the two best ways to practice academic content. This is the trick most of the toppers use.
  3. Make notes : As we march towards the higher grade like 9th & 10th, the syllabus becomes vast. With the complexity going high, there is always a way to crack it down. Notes make is a habit each student must inculcate. The benefit of notes making are:
  4. Helps you understand and concentrate 
  5. It is self made.
  6. Best material for revision 
  7. Peer teaching : It is reported that the best form of learning and understanding a concept is Peer teaching. There is a lot of fun time we spend with our friends, be it in the school when there's no teacher in the class or be it the group study at a friend's place. So let's take a quick excercise with, read and learn a chapter and try teaching it to a friend. While doing so you shall start having a better understanding of the chapter as well. This is also a sort of practice.
  8. Test yourself : Take a test on what you have learned. This is the best way to analyze and improve. The test need not necessarily have to be well structured like the one in school, it can simply be like writing down what you have learnt.  For eg.,You studied Science. Write the questions in a notebook leaving space for the answer to be written, then keep all the studying material away and try writing the answers. By this you not only start completing the syllabus, but also start gaining confidence over the subject. This will also be helpful to score well in examinations.

Getting on the top of a subject isn't difficult, it the mindset that make it difficult. All it take to excel is will, effort and dedication. With a correct approach no subject would remain a difficult one!

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