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10 Tips to crack UGC NET the sureshot way

Updated on 08 July 2020
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Updated on 08 July 2020

Qualifying for the UGC NET is a tough task. It requires dedication, a lot of effort and motivated spirits. And then the impossible will be just a simple catch. These tips will come handy for giving the perfect exam with the perfect preparation:---

1.Note down your syllabus- The NET exam is divided into two phases. The paper-1 consists of General Aptitude questions and paper-2 has questions related to the concerned subject. The candidate is required to complete the UGC NET Syllabus of his/her subject and review all topics to be covered.The student should not panic-

1.About the topics out of the syllabus

2.He/she should start with the topic that can be covered faster

3.He/she should mark the topics that he has covered and proceed to the next one.

2.Refer good books-The candidate should purchase some good books specified by UGC that will help him to clear the basic concepts and logics and also cover the whole syllabus.

3.Prepare notes-Preparing short-notes is the best way of practicing the syllabus in a short time along with continuous revision.One can write down important markers consisting of important details,facts and useful points.The important points can be underlined and highlighted to assist in finding them faster than otherwise.

4.Try to teach someone-To teach your knowledge of what you have learnt and understood till now try teaching someone else. This will help you in memorizing things for a long span of time.And it is also like a trial and error method where you can rectify your mistakes,note your weak areas and strengthen them accordingly.

5.Time Management- 1.How to manage time before exams?

A.It’s not necessary to study all the time but you should make sure that you concentrate fully and focus only on your studies,nothing else.

B.Schedule your daily routine as first priority and divide the time for every section of the syllabus to remove confusion of what to read and what not to focus on.

C.A total time of 4 to 5 hours must be allocated daily for your studies.

D.Some time must be taken out for daily revision of the points completed.

2.How to manage time during exams?

A.Time mgmt is the first thing to do while sitting in the exam hall.As time is limited to solve questions in UGC NET try to attempt the section that you can do very fast.

B.On facing a problem while solving a question bookmark it.

C.And try to save some time to do complete revision.

6.Stay Updated-One needs to stay updated with the current affairs and recent news about the UGC NET exam.So one must have complete knowledge of their respective subjects.One must check the notifications and news stories to stay updated.

7.Revision and Self Analysis- Revision is the process to refine what you have prepared for the exam.So it must be made a habit to revise daily to stay out of the risk zone.

8.Take help of solved papers and online mock test papers-One must study previous year’s question papers and solve them to test their competency.One can also join online test series and mock papers for self-assessment.Try solving everything on own and then match answers with solved Net Exam answer keys.

9.Don’t act like a bookworm-Being a bookworm will not help in achieving a good score in the UGC NET exam.One should take breaks after a continuous session of studies to freshen up and feel good.And then may sit again to revise which will make preparation time really fruitful.

10.Boost your confidence level-It’s a normal tendency to get nervous before exams but the level of this anxiety can be decreased by strong preparation setups.If you know that you have done all preparation and revisions it will boost your confidence levels.

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