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Career Opportunities in Digital Media

Updated on 08 July 2022
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Updated on 08 July 2022

There are a lot of career opportunities in digital media. A career in digital media includes the designers who work in the area of developing video games, graphic artists, animation and multimedia.These profiles of video games, digital images, digital audio need a lot of creativity and originality. A digital artist needs to know about a variety of software and programs to be a successful digital media programmer.

Digital media is one which is able to read machine coded formats. Examples are digital videos, data and database, video games etc. Digital media specialists design and develop content for video games, websites, animation, special effects and marketing initiatives. If one specialises in analytics he/she can find jobs working with information technology and web analytics. In some cases a strong portfolio is more important than formal education.

If you are good at what you do, companies give you an opportunity to demonstrate your skill even if you don’t have a post-secondary degree in that field. But other jobs like computer programming may require specialized training or a college degree. Some careers in digital media include---Video game designer

Social media marketer

Graphic Designer

Production Assistant

Video Editor

Web Application Developer

Web Analytics Specialists


Initially you may begin as an assistant but if you are talented and dedicated to your work, having a can-do attitude, you may move up the ladder for sure.The critical skills for this field are----being creative, having an understanding of digital media, ability to program and design for the web. And if you want to learn, demonstrate your experience and keep being steady with a can-do attitude as a volunteer or as an intern you can get a job in digital media.


The educational setup for digital media includes a lot of designing, originality, programming. A bachelor’s degree in any stream is a prerequisite for admission into this stream and it would be even better if a prospect has done a course in animation.

If a prospect wants to do a course in graphic design then that individual should have knowledge of 2D, 3D designing, photography and drawing.These programs include web programming, web design and include tools like HTML and CSS. A video game designer can gain experience in interactive design, visual effects, designing architectural patterns etc.These courses are available on the internet and can be learned online too as online forums. Educational videos are available from beginner to professional levels and one can even learn them offline by taking up the respective specializations in college.


The digital marketing industry has a lot of opportunities as every individual and company tries to leave a digital impact on the world wide web.There are many positions to be held in this industry.

1.Digital Marketing Manager-The salary of a digital marketing manager is Rs.8,09,777 in India for a candidate with 4-8 years of experience.

2.Pay Per Click Analyst-PPC analyst or SEM analyst is one of the in-demand jobs in online marketing.The average salary for a PPC analyst /PPC executive in Rs.2,50,000 in India. It is applicable for a candidate with around 1 year of experience. Freshers who have a good understanding of PPC can draw a similar pay package.

3.SEO Specialist-Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to rope in sustainable, long-term and high converting traffic. Salaries depend mostly on experience and knowledge. For a beginner, the salary may be on an average scale but with better understanding of the subject payscale may keep rising.The average salary for a Search Engine Optimisation Executive is Rs.2,20,000 in India.This is applicable to individuals having 2 years of experience.

4.Social Media Marketing-Social media is how people interact with each other. Salary depends on the kind of output that can be generated. Social media professionals interact directly with their users or customers so they have to be enthusiastic and positive.The average salary of a social media executive is Rs.1,50,000 to 3,50,000 in India.The higher range of salary is close to Rs.10,00,000 in India. Social media professionals are in huge demand in Digital Marketing Agencies.

5.Content Marketing-Content on the internet includes copywriting, blog posts, videos, podcasts, visual and graphics, campaigns, email newsletters. For a content marketing fresher with less than 3 years experience, the average salary is Rs.2,00,000 to 4,00,000 in India.


The career in Digital Media is really bright as everything around us is now digital. One can be a digital artist, web developer, software programmer. Digital media is not only providing a lucrative and bright career opportunity

but also giving options to an individual to start his/her own venture or business. Digital media is all about content and marketing. A career in Digital Marketing is moving forward at a fast pace and creating a lot of opportunities in multiple sectors like finance, entertainment, IT, business etc.

A profession in Digital marketing needs creativity, initiative, an urge or deep desire to learn, being charged up and having a knack to learn, experience and evolve. It is one of the most sought-after fields with an interesting job profile and competent salary structure. So it is here to stay for now. One should fulfill all the requirements of the field and just work with dedication to reach the zenith of success in Digital Marketing .Best of luck to all aspirants who want to work, rise and shine in here.

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