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How to become a radio jockey

Updated on 08 July 2022
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Updated on 08 July 2022

A Radio Jockey is a new celebrity today.Everyone wants to be a radio jockey but like all great things,it takes time.Though it is totally achievable.If you think you are a chatterbox and so fit for a RJ job you are wrong.Chatterbox is a good skill for radio but not without substance.

To become a Radio Jockey:-

1.You do not need to be highly educated to become a radio jockey but you do need some skills and basic education.So to start a career as a radio jockey he/she should first complete an undergraduate degree or bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

2.An internship can take an aspirant in the right direction as it offers practical exposure for the same.

3.One should also make great professional contacts as referrals do you good and one should also know that networking is the key.

4.It is a highly creative field and some qualities required for it are imagination,wit,out of the box thinking and a moving voice.

A radio disc jockey works for radio stations and selects and broadcasts music for an audience.Radio DJs may specialize in a specific type of music like rock,R&B,rap,country,soft rock etc.In addition to it,radio DJs may also comment about news related to politics,pop culture or sports and inform their about weather and traffic.This field too has lot of competition and people with a college education might be suited for it. 

Educational requirements for being a radio jockey

A bachelor’s degree is preferred for students wanting to be a radio jockey.But for students who are well acquainted with public speaking quite too often only a high school diploma is needed.

EXPERIENCE---The experience as a Radio Jockey is more valued over education.Employers expect DJs to have experience using broadcast equipment before hiring.

KEY SKILLS---The key skills required for hiring are interpersonal speaking,writing and research skills,ability to be persistent ,proficient in using computers,editing and broadcast-related equipment.

Steps to be a radio jockey

STEP1-Complete an undergraduate program

Students who are interested in becoming a radio DJ can enroll in an associate or bachelor’s degree program in communications or broadcast journalism.Students will take courses in radio announcing,speech,news reporting,broadcast writing and media research.Bachelor’s degree is necessary to be competitive even for entry-level jobs,while associate degrees are offered.

STEP 2-Do an internship

Colleges and universities may offer students an opportunity to participate in an internship with a radio station.An internship may not offer students a chance to get on air but they’ll learn behind-the-scenes aspects of working at a radio station.It will also give them a chance to network and develop contacts in the industry.

STEP 3-Get on air

Students may find opportunities to get on air with their campus radio station.College radio stations provide a hands-on environment where they may gain real-world experience.These stations often broadcast 24 hours a day,so students can expect engaging both daytime and nighttime listeners.Students also learn about FFC rules,broadcasting law and ethics as well as personnel management and station programming being given a chance to get on air.

STEP 4-Hone your skills at a small market station

Radio DJs should get comfortable with their on-air personalities and build their reputation in smaller markets before moving over to larger-market stations.This gives radio DJs an opportunity to improve their announcing style to better engage and retain an audience.

Top colleges to pursue a career as a radio jockey

  1. Radio City School of Broadcasting,Mumbai.
  2. Indian Institute of Mass Communication,New Delhi.
  3. Xavier Institute of communications,Mumbai
  4. Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi
  5. Xavier Institute of communications,Mumbai
  6. The Mudra Institute of Communications(MICA),Ahmedabad
  7. Symbiosis Institute of Media and communication,Pune
  8. Zee Institute of Media Arts,Mumbai

Radio Jockey Courses

These are some of the Radio Jockey courses you can pursue to become a successful radio jockey.

1.Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management(DRPM)

2.Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockeying(DRJ)

3.Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management(PGDRBM)

4.Certificate course in Radio Jockeying(CRJ)

Radio Jockey Roles

1.ANNOUNCER-It is the most basic position in the radio station.An announcer is a person who reads advertisements and is responsible for showcasing content on radio.This job profile is the initial designation one is on before getting any promotion.

2.MUSIC DIRECTOR-This post gives us an idea of how music libraries are maintained on a radio station and how music is played when demanded on show.This post is responsible for the music we hear on radio.

3.NEWS READER-This post has a set format to follow and one needs to have certain training before being certified to be proper in this post.

4.ON-AIR PERSONALITIES-These are the radio jockeys we hear on a regular basis and their main work is to keep entertaining the listeners along with scheduling ads and managing other studio arrangements.

5.PRODUCTION DIRECTOR-It is the position one may reach after being a senior on-air personality.It is the person who controls on-air traffic,schedules production making strategies for programs.

6.STATION MANAGER-It is one of the most senior positions on the radio station.It is the position responsible for managing station issues and other programs.

The job of a radio jockey is all about entertainment and information.In his/her job role a radio jockey may have to control consoles,write scripts,record infomercials and commercials for future broadcast,publicise and make musical tracks,make program breaks,advertisements,accept song requests from listeners etc.To carry out these skills a Radio Jockey should have some essential skills as voice modulation,speech recognition,read and write comprehension along with a basic technical knowledge to handle various equipment used in the production of a radio show. 

These are some radio stations that you can approach for a Radio Jockey job:-

1.All India RadioFM

2.Radio Mirchi 98.3FM

3.Red FM 93.5FM

4Big FM 92.7FM

5.Fever 104FM

6.Ishq 104.8 FM

7.Radio Mango91.9FM

8.Indigo 91.9 FM

9.Radio Sharda FM

10.94.3 Club FM

Salary of a radio jockey

A Radio Jockey can earn anything between Rs.10,000 to 30,000 initially but after gaining experience and popularity the salary can go upto 1.5 lac to 2 lacs per month.

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