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PAF Entrance Exam: Exam info, Paper Pattern, Syllabus and Tips.

Updated on 17 November 2020
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Updated on 17 November 2020

PAF refers to Pearl Academy Fashion, which is one of the leading fashion and designing institute that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the students. In this article we will discuss PAF Entrance Exam Info that candidates need to know of. There are various campuses of this college in India which includes Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Karnataka.

To get into Pearl Academy the student needs to take the Pearl Academy Entrance Exam. They have to attend a written entrance exam along with a personal interview. The written exam includes the MCQs which are based on the basic design Aptitude Test and General Aptitude test.

There are various undergraduate courses offered at Pearl Academy Fashion like Fashion Design, Fashion communication, product and lifestyle design and many more. The postgraduate course includes Fashion Management, Fashion Business, interior design and styling, Fashion Design and Home design etc.

PAF Entrance Exam Eligibility:

For the undergraduate design degree, the student should appear 12th with at least 50% of aggregate marks from a recognised University or board.

Undergraduate students need not give PAF written Entrance Exam if they have the scores of these exams:

  1. NATA
  2. NIFT
  3. NID
  4. UCEED

For the post graduate designing degree, the student should at least complete minimum 10+2+3 pass/appearing in bachelor's degree with at least 50% of the aggregate marks from a recognised University or board.

Post Graduate students need not give PAF written Entrance Exam if they have scores of these exams:

  2. CAT
  3. GMAT

PAF Entrance Exam Paper Pattern

The PAF Entrance Exam Paper Pattern test includes General Proficiency Test(GPT) and Design Aptitude Test(DAT), which are written Aptitude test. If you qualify these exams then you are eligible for the personal interview. The duration of GPT and DAT exam is 2 hours.

PAF Entrance Exam Syllabus

Let's look at the PAF Entrance Exam Syllabus below:

  1. General Proficiency Test(GPT):

The general proficiency exams topics are as follows:

1. Quantitative Ability

  1. Elementary Mathematics
  2.  Arithmetic systems
  3.  Number system 
  4. Percentage
  5.  Rate of Interest
  6. Work and Task
  7.  Ratio and Proportion
  8.  Distance

2. Communication Ability and Logical Ability

  1. Synonyms
  2.  Antonyms
  3. Words with corresponding meanings
  4. Singular Plural
  5.  One word substitutes
  6.  Idioms and phrases
  7.  Correct spellings,
  8. Comprehend a situation from a given passage etc

3. Logical Reasoning

  1. Blood Relation
  2. Family Tree
  3. Puzzles
  4. Data sufficiency
  5.  Arrangements
  6.  Syllogism
  7. Visual reasoning

  1. Design Aptitude Test(DAT)

  1. Doodling 
  2. Body Language
  3. Material Manipulation
  4. Creativity
  5. Portfolio Making
  6. Story writing
  7. Sequential drawing
  8. Comic strip
  9. Poster making 
  10. Logo design

PAF Entrance Exam Examtips

For a good PFA Exam preparation strategy, candidates must follow the below tips.

  1. Have great observational skills

Be alert most of the time that helps to get ideas and increase your creativity skills. Make use of the resources that are available to you like newspapers, magazines, online sites or advertisement. This might help you during examinations.

  1.  Have a niche in your skills

Master skills like calligraphy or illustration. You never know they might come handy. If you develop these skills a lot of time can be saved during examination. 

  1. Practice a lot of past papers

The more you practice the better you are going to be in your creative skills. By practicing past papers you can get the hold of time and also get confidence.

  1. Don't be afraid to try new things

Explore areas that you may not have thought off. This activity enhances your creativity and you might come up with newer ideas.

  1. Carry good quality materials

 Make sure you carry a good quality of pencils and colour. The quality of pencils and colours plays a very important role while sketching and calligraphy.

  1. Understand the syllabus

First go through all the syllabus of part A and part B. Using both these sources make a list of topics that you need to study or understand, because this will increase your understanding skill for the topic.

  1. Cover each topic

Try to cover each and every topic of this exam as there is no similar pattern of this exam.

  1. Note making

This exam is all about visual intelligence, if you want to improve in your visual intelligence skills then start preparing notes. So whatever you read should be in visual form. For eg let's say read about a dancer, take a screenshot or make a note of it. This will help you revise and revisit those topics again and again and slowly you will see rise in confidence.

This was all about the PFA Entrance Exam Info that one needs to know of. These are some of the important topics and syllabus of this examination. I hope the information and tips helps you to score good marks. Good Luck!

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