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10 essentials of a good hotel management college

Updated on 29 July 2022
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Updated on 29 July 2022

We can find numerous hospitality colleges and universities providing degree and certification programs to it’s students. Most of these institutions are regulated by AICTE. The course offers students training in the four main departments of the hospitality sector namely front office, housekeeping, food and beverage production and service.There are some prerequisites or essentials which make a university better than others in line. Because of these qualities the students are trained well to face real-world challenges.The ten essential qualities of the top hospitality colleges in India are:-

1.Quality students---Any organisation or institute is firstly represented by it’s students. So it’s important that the process of admission for selection must be proper and transparent.The selection process must be a multi-stage one and the candidates chosen by this way will be of quality helping the hotel and self to excel.

2.Course content---The content of the hospitality course is divided in two segments made of core and supporting subjects.The core subjects out of these are-Food and beverage operations and management, food and beverage service, front office management, housekeeping, accommodation operation and management. The supporting subjects are-Food hygiene, accounting, economics, statistics, organizational behavior.

3.Faculty quality and standards---The faculty of an institute is very important as they shape and groom the students helping them achieve success and also enhancing the reputation of the hotel.The students take any kind of personal or professional help from the faculty who guide and teach them how to work, excel and manage their careers. So it becomes very important for the hospitality institute to select the right teachers and give them their share of training so that they can be productive in producing quality professionals along the way.

4.Technology based teaching and learning---The use of technology in grooming the students is very important for a modern hotel faculty. There should be good quality projectors, video and audio enabled classrooms, live interactions with industry experts to have a smooth working setup along the way. There must be regular faculty development programs to help the faculty to develop and grow themselves.

5.Industry relations---The best hospitality management colleges must have good relations with the industry. It will help in providing better opportunities, placements, conducting workshops and setting guest lectures. And by interaction with industry experts the students learn more feeling motivated and spirited to do their job better and in a more professional manner.

6.A good natured non-teaching staff---The non-teaching staff of an institute is as important as the teaching staff.They should also have proper office spaces, flexible timings and updated systems as they do many administrative jobs making the functioning of the day-to-day activities non fussy and smooth.

7.Active Student support for learning---Students can grow and learn better with the provision of support activities. In the best hospitality colleges there must be a facility for large kitchens, housekeeping and front office labs, proper research facilities, training restaurants etc. After that regular field trips, hotel visits and outdoor catering must be organized giving students the chance to participate, evolve and understand things in a better way.

8.Infrastructure---The development of college premises should be given a priority basis.There must be the presence of cafeterias, vending machines, earthquake and fire-resistant buildings, leisure spaces, parking areas and more. Better equipped labs and hotels attached with the institute gives students better hands-on experience.To opt for an institute it’s better for students to visit the particular website and know more the infrastructural facilities of a college.

9.Other amenities---There should be facility of boarding and lodging for students who want to stay and complete the course. The quality of food etc must be good.

10.Management---The college should maintain a smooth and proper system for activities like admissions, marketing, placements.


The hotel industry is a delicate one which needs the best personnel, administration, infrastructure and general working together to be a name in the field. All the aspects of the working of a hotel must be updated and the quality of service needs to stand out. And only then can a hotel industry flourish and find a way to do steady business. The prerequisites of a good college providing the course must be thoroughly met to gain some ground for that particular institute. By completing the courses from a reputed and certified college, candidates can find great job opportunities, learn and work the best meeting the excellence levels.

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