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Top 10 qualities of a hospitality employee

Updated on 29 July 2020
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Updated on 29 July 2020

The hospitality sector is a very promising field for competent,trained and dedicated professionals. If one wants to achieve success and work with dedication he /she can surely make their life in it. By possessing some likeable qualities a hospitality professional can work well.The aspirants must prove their worth by having an impressive skill set.It is very important for a hospitality brand or company to have staff with right personal qualities to handle the services professionally.The required qualities of a smart and professional personnel are as such---

1.Being passionate-The aspirant must showcase concern for his work and work dedicatedly and make some extra efforts to prove that he is a responsible and passionate employee.They must know that no task is a small one and their passion must be to create everlasting experiences.

2.Proper communication skills-The aspirant must have versatile communication skills and he must be more of a ‘people’s person’.The aspirant must be clear in communication with other staff of the hotel and make a bridge between him and others in work.They should be more responsive and must discuss any issue with the concerned authority.They should be genuine and to the point in their dealings.

3.Having leadership and teamwork quality-To reach the top it’s important for an aspirant to be the one who can lead the way by his vision,his perfectness and his calibre. And to reach a managerial post they must show that they can handle things on their own.And prove that they can handle pressure in the very best way.The aspirant must be organised and able to influence his co-workers to finish a task in the best way.He must know how to command and cooperate with fellow workers.He must make fellow workers understand his ideas and motivate them positively.He must have the calibre to lead and believe in the power of teamwork.

4.Pay attention to tit bits and details-It’s always the little things that matter the most.The lack of proper service provided in a 5 star hotel like cleaning of laundry or housekeeping or not giving meals on time,or misbehaving with guests will really harm the reputation of the hotel to a large extent. And will make it slack down in ratings thereby bringing in unwanted loss for the business.So the staff should keep an eye for detail and should be very prompt in their service to be able to meet up to the expectations of the guests.Sometimes the patience of the staff may be tested too when guests may ask you for personal favors.But the best way out is to be cool,well mannered and cooperative in the situation and try to please the guests.

5.Patience and listening ability-It’s very important to be able to understand properly what the guests want and give them the service that they want.It adds professional value to your service and helps to know about the guests.If you cannot provide a favor tell them that politely suggesting alternative solutions.

6.Safety and hygiene awareness-Each hospitality employee must follow the norms of maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene.It is one of the key aspects of hotel services as it helps to build a good image of the brand.The aspect of hygiene must never be overlooked and given topmost priority.The employee should take care of the safety aspects of the guests in the hotel making sure that they don’t feel discomfort of any sort.

7.Multitasking-Being a good employee at a hotel one should practice multitasking and be able to extend help during emergencies by doing more than one job in hand.The jobs in this sector require more energy and spirits to be done.And being organised can help in this well.One should keep each task organised in the daily schedule and be in sync with it.

8.Being a problem solver-The professional needs to be quick to take decisions and work out according to plans.They must be problem solvers and should understand how to deal with their work in a fair way.They must also have understanding and analyzing skills which will highlight the work of the employee. 

9.Being computer-friendly-The digital revolution has taken the hospitality industry to new heights.The experiences of people from around the world sharing their stories,reviews and more about hotels leads to rise in popularity and rankings thus leading to more business for the hotels.By being computer friendly one can help out in simple tasks like making a spreadsheet,keeping lists in MS-word file or just browse through the net to know something.

10.Knowledge of many aspects-The knowledge level of professionals working in the hotel or tourism industry must be of a high kind whether you are a native of a place or not.One may come across two kinds of guests,one who are of the traditional kind and the other who are more spirited wanting to explore and ready for adventures.So one can help the guests by giving them the needed information regarding any query like knowledge about the place,the markets,tourist spots etc only if he himself will have mastery of the locality and related knowledge.


The hospitality industry is a boon for people who want to work in here and get global exposure.If one has the backing of needed qualifications and qualities he/she can establish their roots in it and be successful.The people of this background have presence of mind,high level of energy,passion and dedication for their jobs,a polite manner,complete knowledge of every aspect of housekeeping and having the motto to serve best.So if you have these qualities and a desire to see the world you are welcome here in the hospitality industry.

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