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New Education Policy Endorses Digital Learning

Updated on 01 August 2020
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Updated on 01 August 2020

It was after a period of almost three decades that Indian Education System saw a prime change with the introduction of the New Education Policy by the MHRD.

The policy has been welcomed with open arms and people from different statures are raving about how it is going to bring a positive and constructive change in our education system. There are many novel things included in the policy to strengthen the education system and make education more empowered.

Among the many features, one thing that has gained emphasis is ‘Digital Learning’.

The policy has endorsed digital learning and talks of making it a part of school education as well as higher education.

Digital learning has been an integral part of education system; however, during the time of pandemic it saw a huge rise. Right from schools, colleges to professional training institutes; most educational institutes shifted to Digital Learning in order to lend support to the students amidst the pandemic.

Digital learning is touted to be the future of learning at par with the technological advancements of the 21st century.

ALLEN’s Foray into Digital Learning

With industry experts like ALLEN Career Institute foraying into the world of Digital Learning, it can be said that the learning practices are set to experience productive changes.

ALLEN had introduced its digital classes to help students continue with their preparation for the prestigious competitive exams during then COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the institute has over 1 lakh students studying digitally.

Students from different parts of the country are connected to their studies with the same efficiency and brilliance they had in classroom coaching. ALLEN has ensured that Digital Classes are conducted with full perfection and every student is guided in the best way possible.

Given the highly positive response from the students and the parents, ALLEN is now heading towards foraying into Digital Learning world with ‘Fully Online Courses’. These courses aim to provide students with:

  1. Personalized learning
  2. In-depth performance analysis through regular tests
  3. High-quality video lectures
  4. Well-research and updated content
  5. Expert guidance from the proficient faculties
  6. Result-driven preparation strategy

Through ALLEN Digital, the institute is aiming to make an effort of making online learning more holistic, integrated, student-centered, and flexible.

And with the new education policy backing online learning, ALLEN is determined to transform the digital space with its academic brilliance and legacy of 32 years in classroom coaching.

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