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How to Prepare for PUCET 2020 PG Entrance

Updated on 06 August 2020
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Updated on 06 August 2020

PUCET is one of the top exams conducted by Panjab University to help students secure admission in their respective fields of postgraduation. This state-level exam is conducted each year and many aspirants attend this exam. The benefit of clearing such type of exams is that aspirants can get a good exposure in their educational fields and guidance from experienced teachers. The PUCET 2020 PG Entrance was supposed to happen a few months back however due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the dates for filling the application form have been extended. 

To clear this exam, candidates need a strong preparation strategy. So, we have come up with this article to discuss some preparation tips that will help students to clear the exam with good scores. 

Plan Everything from the Start:

Planning is an essential aspect of attempting any type of exam. Candidates should plan their time of starting the exam preparation until the day of the actual exam. First and foremost, plan the idle time to start the exam preparation. It should be started around a year before the exam. Then plan the correct reference books to refer to for the exam. Note that candidates should refer to the relevant books which they can get online or they can ask any senior faculty to help them for the same. Make a time table if needed because it will help the candidates to make a note of their entire study preparation schedule. Plan to give enough amount of time daily to the exam preparation and increase the time as the exam is near. 

Give Equal amount of Time to all Topics: 

One of the major problems that many candidates face is that they give limited time to the general awareness and numerical ability section and focus more on the subject related questions. Instead, one should give enough time to this section as well. This is because the general awareness and numerical ability test your general knowledge and mental awareness. This kind of knowledge is not developed in a single day. One needs to practice solving these questions from day 1 to get hold of the topics. On the other hand, practice subject related questions daily and study the basics. 

Practice Using Question papers and Mock tests:

PU CET Preparation is incomplete if it is not followed by practice. Proper practice is necessary as it will help candidates to boost their speed as well as accuracy. The total duration of the exam is for 90 minutes and there are many questions that need to be attempted. It becomes impossible to do so if the candidate has not practiced enough prior to the examination. Also, it will give candidates a good idea of what type of questions they can expect in the exam. One can easily get these question papers and mock tests online.  

Revise Daily:

The importance of revision is often neglected by candidates but it is equally important as preparing for the exam. We know that the exam syllabus for the PUCET is vast and to memorize what you have learned, you must revise frequently. The revision will help to remember the things that candidates have learned throughout the preparation and on the day of the actual exam. Try to dedicate some time daily for revision. As the exam approaches increase the time of revision. Make some handy notes that will be useful for revising the entire thing at the last moment. 

Take Breaks in Between: 

Candidates should often take breaks in between their studies. Many studies have also suggested that students should take breaks while studying. Often candidates are under the stress of scoring good marks in the exam and end up studying for hours. Well, this is a wrong approach as continuous studying can be harmful to the brain and eyes. Taking breaks will benefit candidates to revive their productivity and study more effectively under no stress. Candidates should take long walks, play games, listen to music or meditate during the breaks to relax. 

This is the complete PU CET Preparation strategy which one needs to follow. Candidates are also advised that they take guidance from their seniors to know more tips and tricks to clear the exam. The PUCET 2020 PG Entrance will be held soon so candidates should start their preparation. 

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