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Chef and Food and Beverages Manager:Awesome twosome: Career Comparison: Roles, Educational Requirements,Salary and more

Updated on 06 August 2020
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Updated on 06 August 2020

The hospitality industry requires professionals for many positions and departments.One of them is that of a chef and the other is that of the food and beverage manager. 

The chef is a culinary worker who cooks meals and dishes for the hotel’s restaurant.The chef may also assist in some administrative and managerial tasks to aid in the smooth functioning of the hotel.

A food and beverage manager plans,organizes,directs,controls and assesses all the operations of bars,restaurants,cafeterias and jobs that include serving of food and beverage at a hotel.Many people being a part of the hotel industry say that a chef is the most important position and cooking the most important department of a hotel.But it is not so because every department and position has it’s own role to play in making a particular hotel get it’s ratings. 

Personality traits of a chef  

1.A chef has a passion for making food.

2.He has a developed, keen sense of taste and smell.

3.A good chef is usually a perfectionist.

4.He shows a strong instinct for experimenting with cuisines.

5.He is creative and has a strong sense to innovate.

6.He is determined and has lot of energy to put in to work

7.He is willing to work long hours in a stretch.

8.He has a good memory and command over his creations.

9.He has good organisational skills.

10.He is spirited and willing to learn every minute.

Personality traits of a food and beverages manager

1.He has proper leadership skills.

2.He has good communication skills.

3.He shows flexibility and adaptability.

4.He has a problem solving ability and knack.

5.He is proactive.

6.He masters in inventory management.

7.He has a command in conflict resolution.

8.He has the ability to work consistently under pressure.

9.He can multi-task effortlessly.

10.He showcases organisational skills.

To opt for a career as a chef a candidate has to pursue any of the mentioned programs:-

BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

BA in Hotel Management

BA (Hons)in Hotel Management

BA (Hons)in culinary art

Bachelor of hotel management

BBA in hospitality

Bachelor in Hotel Management and catering technology

Craft course certificate in food production and patisserie

Diploma in chef’s management

Bachelor of catering technology and culinary arts

Costa crociere cruise chef course

Bachelor of science(BSc)in culinary arts

Top colleges providing culinary courses 

Food is one thing we cannot do away with ever.We need food to survive.And it is prepared all over the world in different ways to be consumed by people of different caste,color,culture and countries.The food industry has always been there but it has seen a boost in the recent times making it a very feasible and lucrative field to opt for.The Indian food and grocery market is the sixth largest in the world. There is a lot of demand and need for trained professionals in this sector.

Some of the best colleges offering culinary courses in India are:-

1.Culinary Academy of India---Hyderabad

2.Institute of Hotel Management Pusa---New Delhi

3.Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development---New Delhi

4.International Institute of Culinary Arts---New Delhi

5.Institute of Hotel Management,Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition---Goa.

6.Institute of Hotel Management---Aurangabad

7.WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration---Manipal

The courses to opt for Food and Beverage Manager position are:-

Bachelor of Hotel Management(BHM)

Systematic Training and Education Program(STEP)

BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration 

BA in Hotel Management

BA(Hons)in Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management

BBA in Hospitality

Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Job Profile: Chef

A chef primarily is responsible for preparing new recipes for meals per day.They also need to add their creative touch to recipes and give them a new twist thereby adding some fun element to the whole process.The chef needs to maintain a record of the inventory and make sure that new recipes are put-up on a regular basis on the menu card.Apart from that the chef needs to possess the know-how of how to use different kitchen gadgets and train the cooking staff.

Chefs can have a hectic schedule which will include long working hours.They are usually the first ones to arrive and the last to sign out.The chef needs to strictly possess the ability to multitask. After gaining a good amount of experience chefs step up and graduate to directing and helping on how to manage the kitchen and plan what meals should be served on a given day. The work profile of a chef can vary depending on his position.An executive chef oversees the complete culinary work of the hotel or food service establishment. 

They are also responsible for the creation of the food menu card and the theme of the occasion.The Sous Chef is the administrative assistant and makes sure that the tasks listed by the head chef are completed on time and in an efficient manner.A Sous Chef is also in-charge of hiring/firing lower chefs along with maintaining a proper work schedules.The Line Chefs are often given special duties which include baking,preparing food ingredients and many such related jobs.All of these lower chefs have to report to the executive chef or sous chef.

Job Profile: Food and beverages manager

A food and beverage manager is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the operational aspects of a restaurant.The Food and Beverage manager is responsible for hiring and training the staff members. Their profile also involves ordering supplies and assisting,advising on budgeting,knowing the cost of dishes on the menu card and producing financial reports. 



The pay of chefs depends on their positions and the hotel or establishment where they work.A Sous chef can earn a salary ranging between Rs.242,531 to Rs.916,777 while an Executive Chef can get between Rs.238,315 to Rs.3,504,683.

Food and beverage manager

The average salary of a F&S manager is Rs.772,267 per year.It ranges between Rs.304,556 and Rs.1813,529.

Some 5-star restaurants like Marriott International and the Taj Group of Hotels offer freshers with 1-4 years of experience,a salary package of Rs.373,689 and Rs.254,500 respectively.


The hospitality industry needs hard working,dedicated,high-spirited professionals who have a passion in this field.This field offers wonderful career choices not only restricted to chefs.All the departments work together and can excel if they understand their work well and have a helping and cooperative attitude.We all know that food is the most important necessity of all and so this industry can never be understated.It’s good,real and it’s here to stay.

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