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5 best choices for doing an internship in hotel management

Updated on 06 August 2020
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Updated on 06 August 2020

A proper term of internship done in a hospitality course is very important. These internships are given a good amount of weightage in the final semester exams of the 

 hospitality courses.It is done because of the type of work in which a student will have to establish him/herself after doing a course in hospitality management.The work of the students when they become professionals has to be perfect in all possible ways.In this case the professionals have to work well and live upto the expectations of the customers or guests and see that they are fully satisfied with the services.So most of the hotel management institutions as part of their course curriculum make it purely essential for students to pursue a 6-week internship referred to as ‘industrial training’ by them. 

Some of the best choices for doing internship in hotel management are:-

1.Marriott Hotel---The students can pursue an internship at Marriot Hotel for six months.According to the internship the students are required to work in different departments such as the front office,housekeeping,food and beverage service and kitchen for different time periods.Marriott is one of the hotels which allows the students to train actively as an intern at the hotel’s front office giving them direct exposure to the world and real business dealings.

Process to apply

The colleges may contact Marriott and send the resume of their students to the hotel.After this the hotel calls students for an interview and selects them for internship. Students can also call the hotel on their own behalf and contact the training department to know if they have a vacancy for internship.


The internship at Marriott is generally offered for a duration of six months.The candidates can apply for internships in two batches:-

Summer Batch---Starts from June-July every year.

Winter Batch---Starts from December-January each year.


The candidates are offered Rs.1000 per month at Marriott Hotel.

2.Oberoi Hotel

Students can apply for a free internship at Oberoi Hotel as a part of their industrial training.This internship is for a duration of six months wherein they work for many departments for different lengths of time.It also gives a shorter duration of internship of 17 weeks at a single department or longer duration ones for a year.The hotel offers internship to around 40 students in a single batch.

Process to apply

The colleges send the resumes of their students but individual students can also contact the hotel asking for details of the internship.


The Oberoi Hotel gives internship opportunities in two batches.

 Summer Batch---This internship batch starts in May and continues for six months.Interviews are conducted to shortlist candidates in the month of February each year.

Winter Batch---This internship batch starts in the month of November.The interviews are conducted for this batch in the month of September each year.


The Oberoi Hotel offers Rs.800 per month as stipend to it’s interns.

3.The Leela Hotel

Another of the best hotels for internship is the Leela Hotel.This hotel offers an internship of 17 weeks to students pursuing the hotel management course.But this hotel prefers to give internships to those candidates who are recommended by the respective colleges.The hotel offers students a chance to intern under various departments of the hotel like operations,front office, food and beverage services,housekeeping and kitchen.

Process to apply

The best way to get an internship position at this hotel is by contacting college authorities or the student can even contact the hotel individually for the position.


The Leela hotel offers internships in two batches to students.

Summer Batch---The hotel conducts interviews in March to fill up internship places for the batch starting in June/July every year.The strength of each batch is 10.

Winter Batch---The hotel conducts interviews in the month of August for the batch starting in September/October each year.The number of students of this batch is 15.


The hotel provides Rs.1000 as stipend to students for the six month internship here.

4.Westin Hotel and Resorts

This hotel too is a popular choice for aspiring candidates wanting to enter this field.This hotel offers internship opportunities to candidates at all it’s four main departments which includes housekeeping and kitchen,food and beverage services,front office and operations.

Process to apply

The Westin hotel offers internship positions on the recommendation of the respective colleges and does not give priority to personal internship requests of students.It is because the college will favour those students who have better grades,attendance and behaviour profiles than their non-serious counterparts.


The Westin college gives internships in two batches.

Summer Batch---This internship batch starts from June/July. The hotel’s Gurgaon batch gives internship to 40 students and Sona outlet of the hotel gives internship to 20 students in this summer batch.

Winter Batch---This internship batch starts from September/October onwards.The Westin Hotel’s Gurgaon branch gives internship to 50 students and the Sona outlet gives internship to 30 students in the winter batch.


Westin Hotel gives Rs.1500 per month as stipend to students during internship.

5.Taj Mahal Hotel

The students in this hotel can intern at all departments of Taj Group of hotels.The hotel gives a four and a half to six month industrial training to students at all hotel management related departments.If the authorities feel that a student has an inclination to intern at other departments then such students are allowed to work with the hotel staff in HR and sales department.

Process to apply

The students can apply for internship at Taj by first making a call to the hotel’S HR.Then they need to send their CV and appear for interviews before a panel.On clearing the interview they are recruited for internship.


Students intern at Taj in two batches.

Summer Batch---This batch starts in May and candidates are shortlisted on the basis of interviews conducted in January and February.At the end of February all internships are closed for the summer batch.

Winter Batch---This batch starts in November/December and candidates are shortlisted based on interviews done in June/July.By July end all vacancies are closed for winter batch.


Students selected for internship at Taj are given a stipend of Rs.1200 per month.


There are many hotels in India and abroad also for doing internship where candidates get trained with the best faculty,experience and fun learning to succeed.All that the student needs to do to land an internship position in these five star hotels is maintain good scores,be serious in outlook with a hard working attitude and a keen interest to learn tricks of the trade and be the best professional by his/her efforts and positivity.And then the sky too will be yours.


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