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All you need to know about the Bachelor in Management Studies course. (BMS)

Updated on 06 August 2022
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Updated on 06 August 2022

All you need to know about the Bachelor in Management Studies course. (BMS)

BMS is a Bachelor in Business Management, which is a three-year undergraduate course. This course gives you a vast knowledge about different management skills that are needed for running a business and also provides you an in-depth knowledge of subjects like human resources, finance, and marketing.

BMS allows the students to explore different aspects of the business from finance to human resources. The students should be keen on learning interest in different skills like communication and creativity skills.

The students also have an option to select the specialization when they are in the second year between finance, marketing, and human resource.


  1. A student who has cleared 10+2 from recognized school and university with a minimum 50% score is eligible for this course.
  2. You need to have scored more than the minimum cut-off percentage of the college you are applying to.
  3. This minimal cut-off percentage score is completely dependent on the college or university.
  4. The eligibility criteria completely depend upon the cut off of the particular college you are opting for.


This is a three-years course consisting of 6 semesters. The subjects for each year are as follows;


  1. Foundation of Human Skills
  2. Business Communication
  3. Introduction to Computers
  4. Business Law
  5. Introduction to Financial Accounts
  6. Business Environment
  7. Business Statistics
  8. Principles of Management 1
  9. Industrial Law


  1. Computer Applications in Business
  2. Principles of Management 2
  3. Environmental Management 
  4. Business Mathematics
  5. Introduction to Cost Accounting
  6. Management Accounting
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Direct & Indirect Taxes
  9. Export-Import Procedures


  1. Export-Import Documentation
  2. Financial Management
  3. Operational Research
  4. Public Relations Management
  5. Service Sector Management
  6. E-Commerce
  7. Research Methods in Business
  8. Project Work
  9. Special Studies in Finance
  10. Management of SME
  11. International Finance
  12. International Marketing

Skills you need to have if you want to apply for the BMS course:

  1. A student who wants to pursue BMS should have a great interest in Business management and administration.
  2. Students should have good communication skills and have great problem solving and leadership.
  3. Students who want to earn good practical skills and internships should surely opt for this course.
  4. The students should be quick in taking accurate decisions and should be creative with the ideas.
  5. This course is quite beneficial if you have an entrepreneurship quality within you, this course will elevate your business idea to another level.

Job opportunities after BMS:

  1. The job opportunities after doing BMS are quite vast, students mainly land up in jobs like marketing, sales, Human Resource Management, and finance.
  2. The students also have an opportunity to work with multinational, financial, manufacturing, construction, and retail companies.
  3. The starting salary for a BMS graduate is 2-3 lakh per annum.
  4. The students who pursue an MBA directly after BMS have a good opportunity to grow in their careers.
  5. Doing an MBA after BMS is one of the best combinations as the student gets practical experience and takes an edge over a student who is just a graduate.

Salary of a BMS graduate according to different specialization:

  1. Finance: Students with a finance specialization have a great demand in the corporate world. Their job profiles are usually as a Financial Manager, Internal Auditor, Tax Assistant, Loan Officer. The salary of a finance specialization graduate is 3-5 lakh per annum.
  2. Banking and Insurance: Students clearly know that want to end up in the banking sector should take up banking and insurance as their specialization.The job profile of a Banking and insurance specialization Credit and Risk Manager, Insurance Manager, Lecturer/Teacher. The salary of a banking and Insurance graduate is 3-20 lakh per annum.
  3. Marketing: If you are someone who is creative with ideas and have very good communication skills then you should take up marketing as a specialization. The job profiles are Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Market Analysts. The salary is 3- 8 lakh per annum.

Note: For every department, the salary goes on increasing depending on the experience.

Top colleges for BMS in India

  1. University of Delhi, Delhi
  2. Shaheed Sukhdev college of business studies, Delhi
  3. St Xavier's College, Mumbai
  4. HR college, Mumbai
  5. NMIMS College of Commerce, Mumbai.

BMS is a quite popular course among the students, it is a pure business and management course. Students generally take up this course as they want to pursue an MBA in their post-graduation and having a BMS degree is quite an advantage during their study in MBA.

I hope the above information helps you in building your career in the field of Business and management. Good Luck!

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