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Why is Early Childhood Development So Important?

Updated on 12 August 2020
Klip Interest
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Updated on 12 August 2020

There have been a lot of talks around the importance of Early Childhood Development. Latest studies have highlighted that early years of childhood are very significant.

This is the time that lays the foundation of intellect, personality, social behaviour in kids while also boosting their ability of learning. Early childhood development can prove to be a vital building block in kids’ future success.

Emphasizing the importance of early childhood development, New Education Policy by MHRD has also made provisions for universalizing early childhood care and education. It is definitely a welcoming step because early childhood development is directed towards shaping young minds for a better tomorrow.

These programmes are designed to nurture kids holistically and provide them with varied learning opportunities.

While programmes related to early childhood education and development are gaining momentum across the globe, parents are still not fully aware of its significance. They are often gripped by doubts if their kids really need an early start. Are such programmes actually beneficial to kids? Do kids get productive results out of such programmes?

There is absolutely no doubt that early childhood development is a must for every kid. And to know how useful it is for the kids; the following benefits need to be taken into count.

1. Helps kids learn to manage emotions: Of the many benefits, one prime advantage of early childhood development is that it provides kids achannel to express their emotions with people, who aren’t from the family. By interacting with their peers, they learn the importance of social skills and also develop right ways of communicating their feelings.

2. Mentors them to communicate well: As part of childhood development, the programmes focus on helping kids learn the art of communicating. This is often taught through group sessions, interactive sessions with peers and various other activities. All of these help kids to overcome their shyness and express their thoughts without any hesitation.

3. Exposes them to new thinking: These programmes encourage kids to follow a hobby or help them nurture any skill, which further exposes them to a new spectrum of thinking. They get to develop curiosity about their surrounding and look for answers. Moreover, their thinking widens and they head towards developing a problem-solving attitude.

4. Boosts creativity: As kids are exposed to learning new things right from a tender age, their creative ability is not just identified but encouraged and nurtured in the right way through these early development programmes. Creative minds when trained the right way, make noticeable progress as adults.

5. Improves attention span: It is very imperative that cognitive development in kids is encouraged in their early years. With the early childhood education programmes, kids learn to sort objects as per their colour, size, number and various other aspects. This increases their attention span and they learn to invest time in an activity, driven at getting positive results.

Keeping all these important benefits in mind and making way for many other perks, ALLEN Career Institute came up with ALLEN’s Early Childhood Development – AECD. It is a one of its kind modules aimed at inducing Well Balanced Brain Development and a World-Class Learning in the students. And to achieve this, AECD backs on advanced curriculum covering topics related to both national and international standards. The sessions of AECD are structurally planned, designed and delivered via a state-of-the-art methodology of Practical Exercises blended with hands on Experimentations.

AECD programmes are skillfully designed, keeping in minds the learning needs of students. The unique Edutainment Programmes are available for classes HKG to 8th.

To know more about AECD, you can visit the official website: https://www.theintellibrain.com/

As parents, we must look for the best so that our kids are nurtured into responsible and intellectual adults. And if early childhood development is the stepping stone for shaping their bright future, then we must embrace it with open arms.

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