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What a Java Developer does?

Updated on 29 August 2020
Java Object oriented programmi
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Updated on 29 August 2020

JAVA is one of the highly demanded programming languages worldwide. The scope for this language is never-ending as all major applications and software are built using java. This programming language came into existence back in 1995. Sun Microsystems developed this language which is now widely used by all the top organizations. 

Did you know that 95% of organizations use java to develop apps and software? Interesting Right? Also according to Oracle technologies, around 7 billion apps are run using Java technology. This is possible because Java developers develop such robust applications and release it so that users can use these apps without any hassle. 

In this article, we will discuss the detailed Java developer job description but before diving in let’s first understand:


Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language . It is an open-source language used to build applications and Software's. 


  1. Compatibility is never an issue with Java. It runs on all major operating systems.   
  2. Java also provides a feature of backward compatibility where java developers do not have to write new code for every new version being released. The existing code can be reused by them on any version.
  3. Java is flexible and gives you great speed in terms of performance. 
  4. The scope of Java developers in terms of growth and money is never-ending. 
  5. A variety of frameworks available that allows you to code easily. 
  6. Variety of Java libraries available that can support large enterprise applications such as corporate, banks, media organizations, etc


A java developer needs to be highly skilled to work on the projects provided by companies. They can have a variety of clients belonging to different domains and are required to build apps and software for such clients. The developer is responsible right from the development to the maintenance phase of the application. However, the work can vary according to the different java developer roles. The roles are entry-level, mid-level and senior-level. 

Let’s understand the step by step process of responsibilities of a Java developer

1. Collecting Requirements

The primary task of a Java developer is to gather all the requirements of the project before starting to work on it. In this phase, they have to discuss all the major criteria of the project with project managers, senior developers, web developers and stakeholders. They have to take into consideration several factors like time required, plan of action, scope of their work, etc. 

2. Developing the Application/Software

The actual work is carried out in this phase where the developer is required to write an effective code for the application/software. The developer is responsible to write a robust code which also purely depends on the java developer skills. They are expected to have a good knowledge of the front end and back end and the frameworks required in building the app so that they can write the code accordingly

3. Debugging and testing the Application/Software

A java developer is also required to have a good knowledge of debugging and testing the apps. A debugging phase requires the developer to check any abnormality in the code that was not detected during the development phase. Here the work of the developer is to detect such errors and solve it to ensure that the code is bug-free. On the other hand, in the testing phase, the developer is required to test the code by writing various test cases or using testing frameworks for the same. 

4. Deploying the Application/Software

Java Developer responsibilities do not get over by just writing and testing the code. After that, they are expected to deploy the app/software where they should check if there are any issues with it and if the app/software is working up to their expectations or not. The app is verified using a live environment here. The developer is required to possess knowledge of various technologies to handle this phase. Technologies such as JDBC, ODBC, Java Web Services, Java Servlets, Enterprise Java Bean, etc should be utilized by the Developer. 

5. Maintenance of the Application/Software

After deploying, the java developer has to look towards maintaining the app/software. They are required to optimize the code, release software updates, document the user manual, keep on adding new functionalities, etc. A developer is also expected to provide software training to the clients apart from the maintenance work. 

6. Lead and Collaborate 

A senior java developer has to collaborate with various departments to ensure the smooth functioning of the project. They have to lead the team and guide them to carry out specific tasks related to the project. They may work on the project itself or assign tasks to others. They have to constantly collaborate with the stakeholders, developers and testers to maintain the app/software and provide a good user experience. 

7. Managing the vendors 

In most of the cases, a java developer who is in a senior position has to carry out tasks related to vendor management. They become the main point of contact between the stakeholders and vendors.

This is the overall java developer job description. The apps which we use on our phones are majorly developed using java programming. Thanks to the developers who constantly strive to provide a seamless user experience. Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc are some of the big companies that use java as their primary technology as well. 

The work assigned to each developer will purely be based on various java developer roles. The developer should be skilled and should be a multitasker to ensure the task is completed in the stipulated time. The scope of java developers will never fade out as it is one of the major technologies used across various sectors. 

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