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How to prepare for AFCAT?

Updated on 29 August 2020
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Updated on 29 August 2020

AFCAT is a national level examination for the students who want to join Indian Air Force. The AFCAT full form is the Air Force Commission Admission Test, which is conducted twice a year. This exam is conducted for the students who are keen on working with the various departments of the Indian Air Force. It allows students to work with various Technical and Non-Technical Departments of Indian Airforce.

There are various entries in Indian Air Force like Flying Branch, Ground Duty Technical, Ground Duty Non-Technical. The selection of the candidate is dependent upon performance in the entrance exam and Air Force Selection Board Interview.

Exam Pattern for AFCAT Test

  1. The mode of the AFCAT exam is online, consisting of objective type questions.
  2. There are four sections, consisting of 100 questions.
  3. The four sections comprise General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning, and Military Aptitude Test.
  4. The total number of marks for the AFCAT test is 300.
  5. The duration of the test is two hours.
  6. Every correct answer will be awarded 3 marks and for every wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

The AFCAT exam is a moderately tough examination, the students need to have very good knowledge about the subjects like Maths and Physics to excel in this examination. The candidates also need to be aware of the recent developments in the field of the Indian Air Force as it will be helpful in the general knowledge section.

There are thousands of candidates who apply for the AFCAT examination, therefore there will be a lot of competition. To excel in this examination only studying won't help, you need to have a well-planned strategy too.

Here are a few AFCAT preparation tips

1. Know your paper pattern very well.

Firstly it is very important to know and get familiar with your AFCAT exam pattern and syllabus. Research about the books that will be needed for studying this exam and other AFCAT online preparation platforms. Try and find different methods and tricks to solve AFCAT paper easily.

2. Solve previous years of AFCAT paper.

Try and solve the previous years AFCAT papers to get the gist of the examination. Practice at least 4-5 AFCAT past papers, this will help you know the type of question asked as well as you can analyze the trend of the paper.

3. Read the newspaper daily.

Keeping track of the latest news and updates is very crucial for the preparation of any entrance exam. Try and at least read the headlines of the newspaper. It will be very useful for the section of general knowledge and current affairs.

4. Prepare notes of important topics.

Keeping notes of difficult topics, words and formulas help you during the last few weeks of the examination. List down all the important formulae and revise it every day without fail.

If you come across any difficult words while reading books make a note of it and refer to those words every day. This can help you strengthen your grammar section.

5. Revise everyday

Whether you are a student or a working professional, if you are preparing for the AFCAT examination do not forget to study for this examination every day. By giving at least one hour every day for the preparation of this exam, you can easily pass with good marks and get selected for IAF.

6. Manage your time during exams.

The AFCAT exam duration is for 2 hours, and you have 100 questions. You must be very accurate in solving the questions as well as keeping the track of time. Therefore while practicing the past papers try and solve the paper within time limits. So that on the day of the AFCAT examination you will not be running late.

7. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Try and analyze your strengths and weaknesses, learn how to take advantage of it. There might be a few topics that can score you good marks so try and practice those topics more.

For difficult topics, do not pressurize them if you are having a hard time understanding as it can be a waste of time. The AFCAT paper will be quite easy if you practice every day and plan a proper timetable.

Practicing mocks and previous papers for AFCAT is very essential if you want to get good marks in this examination. It can also build confidence within you to solve more difficult questions. we hope these tips help you to excel in the AFCAT examination with flying colors. Good Luck!

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