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Why teach your student how to code?

Updated on 01 September 2020
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Updated on 01 September 2020

We are now in the digital age where there are many advancements made using technology. The software and applications we use in our mobile phones and laptops are built using a specific code. This code consists of some lines of instructions which are written using various programming languages.

Coding is an important aspect that is used for creating all the applications, games, software, etc that we see and use on a daily basis. Teaching coding to kids can prove beneficial as there are many benefits associated with coding. 

Children should be taught in their early stages i.e. from school life itself for how to code. This is because children tend to learn and adapt quickly from their early childhood. We should mold them into their better version from their childhood itself so that they can be ready to face various challenges in the outside world.

Coding is already proved to be so crucial that even Steve Jobs has mentioned its importance. He has stated that "Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think". 

Also, according to the current changes in the education policy, the education ministry has included coding as a subject from class 6th on wards so children can learn how to create apps, games, etc. 

In this article, we have curated a list of some benefits that will surely convince you to consider teaching coding for kids from their early stages.

1. Coding enhances Problem Solving Skill 

Coding itself means to write a set of logical instructions that requires a lot of thinking and problem-solving. Children can learn to code and can appreciate how things work in real life. Problem-solving skill is important not only from a coding perspective but in real life as well. Children can learn this skill in their early stages and be ready to become good problem solvers in their overall life. 

2. Coding teaches to Never Give Up

Whenever someone codes and there are errors in the program, they need to solve that error in order to create an error-free program and let it work to perform as the way it was intended to. Similarly, this thing is applicable to children as well. When they code there will be certain errors which they need to solve. This will inculcate a habit of resilience and they will never give up. They will try their best to solve the code and come up with an error-free program. This skill will also help them in real life as they will learn to not give up easily. 

3. Coding improves Thinking Skills

Coding requires you to think logically and analyze. It is not only about writing certain lines of code and making the program work. You need to think and break the code into small parts to better understand it and then write it according to your requirement. Teaching coding to kids can help them improve their thinking skills. If one code doesn’t work, they will try to come up with another one and so on. This skill will also be effective for them in the future. 

4. Coding brings the Creative side 

Often when you write code, you are required to build something interesting and unique. For Example, the games or apps which we use are created using code that is unique and as a user, we love to use something that we find interesting and appealing. Similarly, when children learn how to code they explore their creative side. They build games and apps which opens up tons of learning opportunities for them. They see the actual working of the code which invokes more interest in them and eventually they start being creative. 

5. Coding makes you Future Ready 

As we saw above there are many benefits associated with codings like improvement in thinking skills, problem-solving skills, creativity and resilience. These skills are necessary for the kids to make them future-ready. After stepping out of schools or colleges, they need to face the world and be ready for the next phase of their life. These skills will take them long ahead as compared to other individuals. Also, there are many top companies and businesses that value individuals who possess these skills. Therefore they can succeed in their respective careers as well. There are also many online coding for kids’ websites and challenges that you can utilize to teach them effectively. 

6. Coding makes a Great Career 

The world is surrounded by technology today and there are need for programmers who write reliable and good code. Not only in the technology sector but many other businesses require coders/programmers to build applications, software and games for them. The scope for this role is high in the market and the salaries that programmers receive are very decent. By learning coding at an early stage, children can learn quickly from the initial stage and can implement it further. This can build interest among them and later in life they can opt for coding as their career. 

To conclude, coding is one of the essential skills that children need to possess from their early stages. There are many free online coding for kids guides and websites available that you can use to teach your students how to code. Coding for kids will only be effective when they learn practically how to code and implement it to design their own games, apps, etc. It can also be a lucrative career option for them. As Technology is progressing, it can pave the way for more exciting learning opportunities for the future generation. 

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