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List of Government Exams after Graduation.

Updated on 26 February 2021
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 26 February 2021

From ages in India, government jobs are considered as one of the most prestigious and secured jobs. Students generally opt for giving government exams as it leads to some of the safest, secure, and high paying jobs in India. Most students feel that government exams are highly competitive so they generally end up doing a private company job directly after graduation. 

Though government exams are highly competitive in nature, having a proper plan and strategy can easily get you a top government job.

Preparing for a government job needs a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. These exams are not as easy as your college or any institution exams. You need to have a proper timetable and be very consistent with the preparation of such an examination. You should make a habit of giving a mock test every week without fail, to get a good score in the end.

There are lakhs of students who give these government exams every year in every field. But only a handful of them succeed in this exam because of the competition level.

 Here are few of the top five government exams of India that students make their top priority to excel:

UPSC Civil Services Exams.

The full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission, which is a government civil service exam. The exams that are included in UPSC are for the post of IAS, IPS, IRS, etc. This exam is conducted once a year, there basically three stages in UPSC exam prelims, mains, and interviews. The level of civil services post completely depends on the marks that you get in your UPSC exam.

RBI Grade B Examination

RBI Grade B examination is one of the top banking examinations in India. This exam is conducted for the students who are very much interested in working with the Reserve Bank of India. This exam is conducted for the post of officers in various departments like:

i) General

ii) Department of Economic and Policy Research

iii) Department of Statistics and Information Management

There are two stages of examination, followed by an interview at last. The paper pattern is both objective and subjective.

The selection of the level of the job completely depends on the marks that they have get in the RBI Grade B examination. The salary of the RBI Grade B officer is 35000 and can go up to 75000.


The SBI PO exam is an exam that is conducted by the State Bank Of India for the recruitment of Probationary officers. Working in SBI is considered very prestigious as it is a government job, which is safe and secure. It is one of the highest paying banks among all the other public banks. There are three levels of examination in SBI PO which is prelim, main, and interview. The selection completely depends on the cut off and their interview.


IBPS PO is a banking examination for all the public sector banks of India for the post of Probationary officers. There are top public sector banks participating in the IBPS PO exam, banks like PNB, Union Bank of India, Indian Bank, Canara Bank, Central Bank, etc.

There are three stages in the IBPS PO examination that prelim, main, and interview. The prelim exam is for 100 marks and the main exam is for 200 marks. There is a lot of preparation needed for this examination as there is a lot of competition.


SSC CGL is a graduate-level examination conducted to recruit candidates for various departments of the Government of India. There are four levels of exams in SSC CGL. The four levels are:

I) Online Multiple choice questions

II) Online Multiple choice-based

III) Offline Subjective

IV) Skill Test

The candidates who excel in the exam are recruited for the position of Auditor, Junior Accountant, Tax Assistant, Assistant Accountant Officer, etc.

These are the top five government exams of India, in which almost more than 40% of students of India appear to get into public sector jobs. These exams need a lot of preparation, practice, and commitment, to get selected. I hope this information helped you to know about the different government exams in India. Good Luck!

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